Multifunction FSDU


This versatile and eye-catching Multifunction FSDU unit has been developed with the coatings market in mind. It is robust and durable enough to hold cans of paints and varnish while fulfilling the footprint criteria required by B&Q safety regulations. This does not guarantee that your retailer partner will 100% approve the FSDU as it depends on the product you are displaying, however this will provide a good strong start when seeking unit approval from your outlet retailers.

This Multifunction FSDU provides you with adjustable shelves, when not in use these shelves can transform into handy CTUs with their own headers. You can therefore have all the shelves active on this unit or alternatively just one or two. For example the unit can act as a shipper with 3 accompanying CTUs or it can simply be a 4 shelf FSDU.

Digitally printed in 4 colour process in high resolution using UV inks on sturdy EB Flute board to ensure quality. Flat packed with next day delivery to 1 mainland UK address (Call us on 0191 419 8655 to enquire about further delivery options)

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