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Windows of Opportunity: 4 of the Best Shop Windows

Windows of Opportunity: 4 of the Best Shop Windows

We’re a nation of window-shoppers, and for retailers that can only be good news. With the right products on display, persuading passers-by to step inside your store couldn’t be easier – and then it’s just the matter of convincing the customer to make a purchase.

Whether the shopper was intending on spending or not, an increase of footfall in and around your store is one of the best ways to increase sales – meaning a well-designed window display has never been so important.

Traditional window designs have focused on promoting popular product ranges, in the hope that the customer will be enticed inside to make a purchase. However, with fierce competition on the high-street, more and more retailers are thinking outside of the box with their shop window display.

In today’s post, we’re bringing you the design secrets of 4 of the best shop windows out there – to give you a little inspiration for your next eye-catching display.

Harvey Nichols, Manchester

Everything about Harvey Nichols oozes luxury, elegance and all things vogue. The combination of timeless classics alongside the contemporary twists in the design of each product is what makes this department store a leading trendsetter in the world of retail.

Harvey Nichols understands the need for cutting edge design in fashion, so it was no surprise when the Manchester store unveiled their eccentric deep sea diving themed window display – featuring real bubbles. Complemented with bottles of bubbly strategically placed along the ‘seabed’, Harvey Nichols’ window focuses on reflecting the innovation and opulence of the brand, rather than the products themselves.

Fenwick, Newcastle-upon-Tyne

Fenwick tweet

The magic of the festive season is never going to fade – provided Fenwick Newcastle continues to unveil its enchanting seasonal window displays that is. This department store may fill its windows with an extensive product range for the best part of the year, but as the nights draw in and Christmas approaches, Fenwick alters its focus to attracting crowds to the outside of the store.

Enticing passers-by to step into Christmas, the hope is that shoppers will also take a look in-store to see the spectrum of available products. 2015 brought an array of Tyneside emblems in each of the windows, with the Newcastle themed display depicting the story of Santa’s sleigh landing on the roof of the store. Opting for window clings to narrate each section, this design was both iconic and innovative – making it one to remember for any window shopper.

Selfridges, Oxford Street

On the busiest shopping street in both the capital and the country, there’s no room for error in the design of any window display. Competition for the best window display is fierce, but there’s no doubt that Selfridges has pulled it off once again with its Shakespearean themed window. This time, Selfridges has chosen to avoid product placement in its windows, and opted to capitalise on the quintessentially British culture.

As well as attracting international visitors to the store with the famous Shakespearean quote, Selfridges is reiterating its high-end classic British brand identity. But the thought behind the design doesn’t stop there. Selfridges’ new limited edition ‘Shakespeare Refashioned’ line was recently launched, and coupled with this effective window display and live in-store musical performances, this new collection is sure to triumph.

Adidas, Nürnberg

Adidas is a brand that’s all about innovation. That’s why the collaboration of Adidas’ Neo with TBWA Helsinki is so fitting for the brand’s Nürnberg window display. With the rise of online shopping and the growing need for immersive in-store experiences, the team identified the opportunity of creating an interactive window display, where shoppers can point and drag life-size products onto virtual mannequins.

As well as commanding the attention of high-street shoppers, bloggers and the press, the store has reported a dramatic increase in the conversion of window shoppers to product purchasers.

Finding a window of opportunity

While standing out from the competition is important, not all shop window displays need to be as outlandish and eccentric as these leading stores. Taking some time to determine a window design that suits your store means you can create an impact, without detracting from your overall brand identity.

Our selection of shop window clings and decals are here to get you started. With a wide range of fully-customisable window decals available for a highly competitive price, there’s sure to be a window cling for you.

From window graphics to sale window stickers, attracting attention couldn’t be easier. Why not take a look at our array of high-resolution, mess-free window clings? Don’t waste this window of opportunity, lead your store to success by commanding the attention of every high-street shopper.

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