Window Stickers: Buyer’s Guide |
Window Stickers: Buyer’s Guide

Window Stickers: Buyer’s Guide

Whether you’re a barber or barista, florist or fashionista, when it comes to advertising your business, your special offers and promotions need to be seen.

From encouraging repeat custom with eye-catching offers to drawing in a new crowd with one-off promotions, you can use your windows to advertise what customers can find inside your store. Today, we’re bringing you a comprehensive guide to window stickers, letting you know why they matter, how they work and how you can incorporate them into your marketing strategy.

Why are window stickers important for retailers?

Window stickers – often referred to as window clings or decals – are an essential tool in any retailer’s visual merchandising arsenal. The window acts as one of the first points of contact between potential customers and your business. When utilised effectively, these display materials give you an opportunity to give passers-by a glimpse of what you offer and advertise products that you stock which your competitors don’t.

Professionally designed window decals target the senses – using the instant impact of visuals in addition to punchy sales messages. Incorporating bold signage into your retail window displays means you can attract the attention of existing customers while appealing to a new audience.

A well-presented shop window display is reflective of your business and shows customers what they can expect when they enter your store. Window signs can be used to complement your visual merchandising displays, alerting customers to particular discounts or freebies they can enjoy.

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Once they’ve stepped inside your shop, you can attract customers with impactful dump bins and strategically placed FSDUs, but how do you get them to enter your store in the first place? When it comes to supermarkets, price comparisons and loyalty reward schemes can be a huge part of the appeal – but these are only effective when properly advertised.

By creating informative window decals for shops that display relevant and interesting information, you can work on building a loyal audience – ensuring shoppers are returning to make the most of what your supermarket has to offer.

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Clothing retailers

window signs

In the world of fashion retail, visual merchandising and attractive window displays are crucial. With mannequins being used to demonstrate how certain items of clothing can complement each other, customers can see what’s on offer while benefitting from some inspirational fashion tips.

If you’re holding a sale or saying goodbye to seasonal stock, let your customers know about it with a temporary, adjustable window cling or decal. The flexibility of temporary window stickers for shops means you can remove the signage once the sale is over – keeping your windows clean and free from unsightly marks.

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Food and drink outlets

Coffee shop window decals

The high street is saturated with coffee shops, and it can be difficult to keep on bringing in business when you’re up against giants like Starbucks and Costa. Take steps to help your coffee shop, restaurant or café stand out from the big corporate chains by making sure you display any awards your business has won, charities you support and special offers.

Whether it’s the fact that you only cook using locally sourced produce or you fundraise for the local football team, find the thing that makes your business different and display it in your windows. This way, you can create a sense of brand loyalty, initiating relationships with your customers that go beyond simple transactions and are more likely to stand the test of time.

Pop-up shops

Pop-up stores offer businesses the opportunity to capitalise on high traffic areas  – and if you’re popping up on a busy high street, you need to be prepared to compete. Finding ways to make your temporary store stand out from a sea of competitors won’t be easy, and that’s why your marketing should start ahead of the store opening.

Whether you’re opening a Christmas store and need to advertise your timely offers or you want to use a pop-up shop to showcase a new product, customers need to know where you are. If you’re hiring an empty unit or shop space for a temporary period, the days and weeks leading up to your opening are a great time to advertise.

While social media platforms and printed flyers are both effective channels for spreading the word, you can use the shop itself to enhance your promotional efforts. By placing eye-catching window graphics on the outside of the building, passers-by will become familiar with your brand long before you’re open for business. This way, you’re guaranteed maximum foot traffic when your pop-up opens, as potential customers already know where to find you.

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Branding plays a key role in the success of a business, but paying for paint jobs and logos can be expensive. Whether you’re a startup trying to keep costs down or an established company keen to cut back on overheads, window signs for businesses needn’t eat into your budget.

With the option to choose between permanent and temporary window decals for business buildings, these display materials offer a flexible and cost-effective means of keeping your branding consistent while ensuring clients know where to find you.

Ordering custom window decals with

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