Window Clings: What Works in a Pop-Up Shop? |
Window Clings vs Decals: What Works?

Window Clings vs Decals: What Works?

There’s something exciting about a store that’s quite literally here today, and will be gone tomorrow. The popularity of the pop-up shop has grown dramatically in recent years; and with impactful short term sales and high rental prices on the high street, it’s not hard for retailers to see why they’re so successful.

The short term tenancy of this retail space means making a dramatic impression on the high street is absolutely essential. From utilising social media to enticing passing trade into the store with an eye-catching window display, exceptional marketing of your pop-up is key to creating an effective campaign. In today’s post, we’re bringing you the best tips for encouraging footfall in and around your pop-up – so you can create maximum impact on both brand awareness and sales.

Get personalised

Whether you’re a well-known brand that’s marketing a new product or are looking to get your name out there, there’s no doubt that a pop-up shop offers a fantastic opportunity to promote a business. This retail space provides the perfect opportunity to share your brand identity with potential clients, so don’t be afraid to merchandise your pop-up in a big way. As well as encouraging consumers to step inside the store, customisable window graphics are an ideal way to show off your logo to passers-by. Whether they pause at your pop-up or not, high street shoppers are sure to take notice, so you can start building that all-important brand recognition with the public.

Thinking in the short term

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The nature of pop-up shops means they aren’t often around for long. This means that window clings will be far more appropriate in a pop-up as they are easy to remove – compared to a window decal which is almost immovable. Lightweight retail display stands and an easy to move window cling will be extremely beneficial when it comes to packing up, so always plan ahead when designing your pop-up.

Show off your day-only deals

Building a relationship with consumers is crucial for all pop-up retailers as it secures more of a chance of success with a larger-scale retail space in the future. Iconic visuals and good customer service are paramount, but don’t forget that you’ll need to cover the cost of the campaign too! Promote in-store special offers with window signs and in-store displays, and impulsive high street shoppers won’t be able to resist. With your pop-up merchandise flying off the shelves, it won’t be long until you start to notice sales success!

The Christmastime pop-up: creating a winter wonderland


The Christmas period is fast approaching, but why should it just be department stores that are building their own Santa’s grotto? The Christmastime shopping frenzy can be a goldmine for retailers, so deck your pop-up with decorations and Christmas-themed merchandise. A pop-up shop is perfect for maximising on seasonal sales, and it couldn’t be easier to attract festive shoppers into the winter wonderland with themed window graphics and Christmas music.

There’s no denying the power of a pop-up shop. Share your brand, test the market and maximise on your profit margins – there’s no limit to the benefits of setting up a pop-up on the high street. So what are you waiting for? Order your eye-catching window signs online with and see your sales soar!

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