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Why Loyalty Cards Are a Two Way Street

Why Loyalty Cards Are a Two Way Street

As customers, it’s always great to get something for nothing – but as a business owner, establishing and growing a loyal customer base is often more of a priority than making a quick sale.

Today, we’re diving into the world of retail and taking a closer look at loyalty schemes and branded leaflet stands – finding out how they benefit both businesses and their customers, as well as influencing buying behaviour and, ultimately, boosting in-store sales.

Encourage add-ons


Loyalty cards encourage customers to buy extra items that they didn’t necessarily intend on purchasing when they entered the store. For example, loyalty card holders often receive offers that alert them to triple points offers when they spend over a certain amount, or timely 241 promotions – encouraging them to keep spending.

Offering customers a rewards bonus when they sign up is an effective way of establishing a relationship and showing them you take their loyalty to your store seriously. Whether it’s £2 worth of points, a discount voucher or some other sort of promotion, this is a great strategy for ensuring your customers are as invested in the loyalty scheme as you are.

With customers clocking up points each time they make a purchase with your business, they become more likely to visit your store or coffee shop for larger purchases – as they’re aware that they’ll receive a greater return on investment.

Data capture

Most loyalty schemes require a customer’s information to some degree. Whether it’s an email address, telephone number or home address, these details can be invaluable – and because the customer is getting something in exchange for their details, it’s more likely that they’re happy to be contacted. Of course, there’s always the possibility that customers will opt out of receiving additional information from your company, but this is a great way to begin building an extensive and relevant customer list.



There’s now an app available for most high street stores and, for loyalty card holders, a handy smartphone app allows them to easily see their points balance. Supermarket, coffee shop and retail stores often use their apps to promote special offers to loyalty card holders – providing them with unique offers that might not be available to the general public. This sort of insider information makes customers feel important and encourages them to continue to do business with your brand.

Who and why?


Boots uses leaflet stands to advertise its Advantage Card – rewarding customers by allowing them to clock up four points for every £1 they spend. The store uses vouchers which are printed out at the till point to alert its customers as to ways they can gain extra points on certain products. These vouchers almost always have an expiry date – leading customers to buy on impulse and, often, spend more than they originally intended.


Waterstones loyalty card

For book lovers, Waterstones has a great rewards system. The digital loyalty scheme allows customers to earn three points for every £1 they spend – and when they have a fully stamped card, they get an additional 1,000 points to spend in store! There are often special bonus points on particular books or authors – meaning bookworms can rack up more rewards by indulging in their favourite reads.


Tesco is great at rewarding its customers. Shoppers can pick up a form from leaflet holders at the checkout and receive their Clubcard – and key fob (making petrol purchases easier) – through the post. From price comparisons meaning money off at the till to quarterly Clubcard vouchers, the supermarket knows how to keep customers coming back. Because Clubcard vouchers are sent out through the post, the store needs customers’ home addresses – meaning they can send other promotional information as and when applicable. With customers receiving year-round rewards, the marketing material that comes with these vouchers is less irritating to Clubcard members.



Costa advertises its Coffee Club rewards scheme with literature stands placed at the till point, with the cards themselves advertising 100 bonus points when customers sign up at particular times – meaning it makes more sense to fill in the short registration form than not. The brand has also teamed up with Tassimo to offer customers extra points and added extras, like a branded latte glass when they purchase a Tassimo coffee machine. By working with other businesses in the industry, Costa has worked to establish itself as a trusted coffee shop chain.

Advertising loyalty cards


If you want to grow your list of loyalty rewards customers but don’t want your staff to be repeatedly asking customers if they’re interested in signing up to the scheme, there are other ways to advertise. When it comes to building relationships with your customers, don’t overlook the importance of branding. From sale posters to literature stands, consistent branding is key to creating a brand customers can recognise and believe in – and this goes for your loyalty scheme, too.

A strategically placed leaflet holder or literature stand can alert your customers to your rewards scheme without having to actively encourage them to take part. With shop4pop.com’s wide range of options, you can design your leaflet display stand to match your printed literature and other promotional materials in your store – ensuring branding remains cohesive.

If you’re looking to make an impact with your printed literature, branded leaflet display stands can promote your loyalty cards in a simple and effective way – allowing you to create and nurture a dedicated customer base.

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