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Why Business Cards Work

Why Business Cards Work

With hi-tech developments meaning that the world of business is moving online, it’s easy to overlook the importance of printed promotional materials. Social media marketing, storing data online, carrying out business transactions with online banking, the list goes on. The popularity of the net has arguably made business a more straightforward affair, but is there still a place for print?

While business may have turned to all things digital, the business card is a classic must-have that is here to stay. From creating a good first impression to showing off your personal side with genuine potential leads, the business card is one of the most effective direct marketing tools. Today, we’re taking a look at the top 4 reasons why business cards still work in the modern day – so you can rest assured that your creative business cards are still an important part of your marketing strategy.

  • Getting personal

Everyone loves an old school tradition, and business cards are no exception. There may be downloadable apps that makes swapping contact details as simple as tapping a button, but ease shouldn’t be the priority here. When networking, it’s all about building a genuine connection – so that means engaging in eye-contact and actual conversation. Take your hands away from your touch-screen and make a memorable connection as you exchange cards.


  • Creating a good first impression

Whether you’re designing a unique card or customising a template for a sleek style, making sure your business card is of the highest-quality is vital. After meeting the brand representative in person, your potential lead will be building up an idea of who you are and what your brand’s about. Make that first impression one that wows with a classy contact card. You’ll be adding a new level of professionalism to your brand too, as well as proving how prepared you are for future business.

  • Direct marketing

Email marketing, visual ads and search engine optimisation are all marketing techniques that will attract potential leads and prospects, but that doesn’t mean you have to neglect physical marketing. By striking up a conversation and exchanging business cards, you’ll be well on your way to building those valuable connections.

  • Becoming memorable


As well as providing a great first impression, business cards are the perfect product if you want to show off your creative side. From reflecting your company’s purpose to designing a high-tech card which has a USB stick attached, the options are endless and there’s no limit to how inventive your card can be. By designing a creative business card, you’ll be creating a buzz about your unique ideas – putting you and your brand in direct view of more prospects.

Are you ready to make an impact with potential clients? Make sure you stand out at your next networking event or exhibition with business flyers and cards. With our efficient delivery service, your business cards will be with you as soon as possible. Just customise your design and place your order online. From leaflet stands to impactful business cards, our high-quality prints are sure to wow – so take a look today!

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