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The Making of a Retail Manager

The Making of a Retail Manager

As a retail manager, it can often feel like all of your time is spent developing your own staff – leaving your own development by the wayside. Ruling the roost can be a tricky task, especially if you don’t have other senior managers to monitor your progress or provide feedback on your management style.

It’s important to look in the mirror and cast a critical eye over your management skills from time to time, remaining open to change and striving for improvement.

Bad management, when left unchecked, can lead to disenchanted staff and unhappy customers – causing a drop in productivity and sales. As a retail manager, it’s all about targets, so it’s in your own best interests to evaluate your own behaviour on a regular basis and see if there’s room for improvement.

In the spirit of learning, we’ve gathered 10 top tips from Reddit users, compiling the best of the complaints and advice when it comes to answering the question ‘what makes a good retail manager?’. Read on to find out the retail management dos and don’ts.

Stay grounded

  • ‘A firm understanding of what it’s like to not be a manager is essential. I wholly disliked when a manager would be so disconnected with the work force and just seemed out of touch.’ – Sleepless_Devil
  • ‘Managers who remain grounded and in-tune with the rest of the staff are definitely standouts amongst their peers.’ – StorybookMarket

Don’t dehumanise the workplace

  • ‘A willingness to see their employees and coworkers as real people who are just trying to do a good job.’ – Sleepless_Devil

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Play for the same team

  • ‘Never undermine your staff in front of a customer. I had to refuse a refund as the customer didn’t have a receipt, as per the company’s policy. When the customer complained and asked to speak to the manager, my manager just put it through because they couldn’t be bothered to deal with the complaint. I felt humiliated despite following the correct procedure. Consistency when it comes to company policy is so important in retail.’ – marlboro_man
  • ‘Be a team player. Make sure you spend time on the shop floor working with your staff every day. Whether it’s an hour on the till or an hour helping out in the stockroom, you’ll show your willingness to get stuck in – earning the respect of your colleagues and gaining a better understanding of the challenges in each role.’ – cheche

Lead by example

  • ‘An understanding that however you go about solving problems will be the method every staff member emulates, so they should be in-line with the behaviour you want your staff to portray’ – sylcbr

Trust your staff

  • ‘Time management and delegation skills are essential. I had a manager that HAD to do everything herself, causing her to run out of time and complain. If she delegated out what she could, she’d have more time for the more important tasks.’ – matergallina
  • ‘Don’t micromanage. The people under you are employed because they know how to do their job. Let them do it.’ – DataDemon

Observe and listen for shaking things up

  • ‘Don’t sit behind your desk all day, walk around, talk to people about their tasks, duties and proposals to improve workflows.’ – good-life
  • ‘Don’t jump in with a hundred changes to be implemented immediately. Learn your company’s processes and policies and why they’re in place before you change anything’ – DataDemon

Whether you’re guilty of committing a few of these management crimes or have realised what you need to watch out for, it’s all in the spirit of learning. Got any of your own top tips to share? Leave a comment below with your best management advice.

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