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What is POP?

What is POP?

You probably know what a flyer is. You almost certainly know what a poster is. You may even know what a window cling is. But what is POP?

POP stands for Point Of Purchase, and it refers to all of the printed marketing material that retailers display around their premises, in order to promote specific products, ranges, events and offers to customers at key points in their sales space.

You may have heard of another abbreviation that describes this type of marketing, and that is POS. It stands for Point Of Sale, and it’s more or less the same as POP. In the USA, POS refers to printed advertising in the area where the customer pays for their goods or service – the tills in a supermarket for example. Their main purpose is to ‘upsell’ to customers, offering add-on items they may not have set out to purchase in the first place. Point Of Purchase on the other hand, refers to printed advertising placed near the entrance/exit or in the aisles of a store. These are often more elaborate displays, and are designed to encourage larger value purchases or mass purchasing of a particular promoted product.

In the UK, the two terms are interchangeable, although there is some debate about this! One opinion is that POS is the American term for POP. Another is that it makes more sense that Point Of Sale belongs in the aisles – where the features of a product or service are ‘sold’ to the customer – and that Point Of Purchase should appear at the tills, where the purchase is made.

But whether it’s POP or POS, or both, the type of in-store advertising that can be described by these terms includes the following.

Posters & Flyers

Usually the simplest and most cost effective way of promoting a product, advertising an event, or communicating any other messages to customers both inside and outside of the place of business.

Window Clings

Also knows as Window Stickers or Window Vinyl, Window Clings are a form of poster printed on a transparent material that literally ‘clings’ to a window. This provides a tidy solution for displaying marketing messages facing customers in the high street or shopping centre without having to use any adhesive (which may not give a very neat finish).

Dump Bins

These are simple (but effective) cardboard storage containers which serve a dual purpose of holding stock and providing additional advertising space on the units themselves. Often used for ‘bargain bins’ or specific products retailers want to sell more of, they are a versatile solution for both large and small businesses.

Square Dump Bin


Similar to a Dump Bin, an FSDU (Floor Standing Display Unit, or Free Standing Display Unit), offers both storage and marketing space in one. Flexible FSDUs usually have a number of shelves or hangers for the products, and are often designed as a bespoke solution for a particular product.

3 Shelf FSDU

Hanging Signs

Yet another dual purpose solution is a customised Hanging Sign, which can help customers navigate around the store as well as highlight certain categories of item the store sells (e.g. pet food, skincare products, deli counter, wine and spirits).

Shelf Signage

When customers find the range of items they are looking for, shelf signage (Shelf Wobblers for example) can help them locate any particular products that are on offer, or equally help the retailer highlight any products they would like to increase sales of. Shelf Wobblers can usually be easily affixed and removed from a shelf edge, so that they can be moved around the shop along with the stock itself.

Shelf Wobbler

Merchandising Displays

These are the most elaborate pieces of in-store advertising, and can be created in almost any shape or form imaginable. A Halloween toy display that kids can walk into, a scaled-down version of a distillery to display bottles of whisky on, and a musical snowman display that plays festive music when people walk by – anything is possible!

So, hopefully now you know more about what POP is. If you want to know more, call us!

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