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Visual Merchandising: Getting Famous Faces On Board With Your Brand

Visual Merchandising: Getting Famous Faces On Board With Your Brand

We’re all familiar with seeing famous faces on our screens during television advert breaks. Whether it’s a new product or a growing brand, employing a well-known figure to promote a concept is one of the most popular forms of advertising. While TV ads may be a large-scale investment, the growing popularity of brand ambassadors means businesses are finding alternative famous figures to influence Generation Y.

The public are well accustomed to celebrities endorsing brands on billboards and television adverts, but companies are now also turning to vloggers for product promotion. In today’s post, we’re taking a look at how you can revolutionise your marketing techniques by getting a famous face on board with your business. From boosting footfall by hosting in-store appearances to accessing the online world with influential social media accounts, the power of the celebrity shouldn’t be underestimated when it comes to getting your brand recognised.

Finding your famous face

There’s no doubt that a celebrity endorsement will have a dramatic impact on the success of your brand, but it’s vital that the famous face you choose is appropriate. Consider what you’ll be promoting, as well as the image and values of your brand, then source a well-known personality to suit your strategy. A campaign promoting body image, for example, would be perfect for a celebrity that’s well known for their healthy lifestyle and exercise regime. Ensuring that your celebrity endorsement campaign is well-executed is paramount for this strategy to be a success, so take some time to consider who best fits the role.

In-store appearances

The buzz created by a well-known celebrity book signing is undeniable. Whether you’re the main sponsor or hosting the event in-store, ensuring that your brand features on banners and signs behind the famous face is a must. From boosting product sales to encouraging loyal fans to enter your store, a one-off event with well-known artists, authors or even online influencers will endorse your business in ways that you couldn’t have imagined. Make sure that your event is a success by starting your advertising well in advance. Spreading the word is vital if you want to ensure that no loyal fans miss out, so log onto social media platforms and invest in print posters ahead of the day!

Online influencers

For a product endorsement on the smaller scale, the online world has become a haven of opportunity. With the rise of vloggers and online influencers on social networking channels such as Snapchat, YouTube and Instagram, it couldn’t be easier to advertise a product online. Make sure your brand goes viral by getting in touch with influencers that are willing to advertise you on their next post – and build a good relationship by returning the favour with complimentary products. This low-cost advertising strategy will have an undeniable influence on their followers, which can only mean you’ll build a stronger brand identity and see a dramatic increase in sales.

Whether you’re maximising sales with a large-scale celebrity endorsement or inviting lesser-known influencers to support your brand, getting familiar faces on board with your brand is sure to take your business to the next level of success. So whether it’s an in-store appearance or a TV advertisement, capitalise on your latest marketing technique by investing in banners and signs adorned with your choice of famous face.

Are you ready to transform your marketing strategies and see sales soar? Lure in customers with celebrities and lead them to the checkout with a point of sale display. At shop4pop.com, our point of sale materials are fully customisable, so your signs and prints will perfectly reflect your unique advertising campaign.

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