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How to Use Your Event Software for Sales and Marketing

How to Use Your Event Software for Sales and Marketing

One of the first things any event planner needs is good event registration software so attendees can register and pay for your event easily.

Event registration software also doubles as a great database for you. Your data can help you plan meals based on numbers and any food restrictions, create payment reports, send reminder emails, and create attendee reports for everyone on your team.

What most people don’t realise though, is that once your event is over, the database your event software created is a gold mine for statistics that can help with your sales and marketing goals and campaigns after the day itself!

Below, our friends at Regpack are bringing us 5 ways to use your event software for sales and marketing!


Post event surveys

Getting feedback after your event is crucial for gauging how the event went and what changes and improvements you can make going forward.

If your event software includes email functionality, it’s always a better idea to send out surveys through your software and not a survey software. There are a few reasons for this:

  1. It’s easier! You are already paying for your event software, why use a completely new system to achieve what you can with the software you’re using already?
  2. You keep all of your data in one place. Creating a new form and emailing it out to attendees after the event is simple, and then you can report on feedback with other elements of your data, including: male vs female opinions, age, which organisations attendees are from. Greater insight means you can make more effective changes!
  3. Save time! The time it takes to download your entire attendee contact list, reupload into some software, and create the survey is just not worth it! If you use the same event software for more than one event, you can just copy over this form and select the attendees you want to send it to with a few clicks!

Here’s a great article on what to ask in your post event survey.


Email marketing

Targeted and segmented email marketing is the “thing” to do with email marketing. Sending out personalised emails that are targeted to something about that person you want to market to (location, age, job title, session attended, etc) makes your email marketing campaigns more effective.

Using your event software to segment your attendees is easy. Just filter by whatever data point is important to you, and send, in bulk, an email with language and/or offers that are relevant for that attendee group.

With marketing email platforms like MailChimp, using the personalisation tools of your software is also helpful. This way, you can use a standard template which can be tweaked and personalised depending on the nature of the email.


Closing out accounts receivable

A very boring and tedious, but necessary job is closing out your accounts receivable after your event is over. Your event software makes this easy!

Simply filter all attendees with an open balance and send email reminders to them to complete payment. Use the personalisation tools with your software to include their balance right in the body of the email, as well as a link.

Here’s a great post on how to compose a payment reminder email.


Say thank you!

If you aren’t already doing this, saying “thanks for attending” is a great way to connect with attendees after the event. You can merge this with the survey email, which is a great way to kill two birds with one stone.

You can also use this same tactic a few times throughout the year to reconnect: say Happy Holidays or Happy New Year, wish them a happy birthday on or during their birthday month (just filter all birthdays by month and send a quick note), etc.

Connecting in meaningful ways with attendees long after your event is over is a great way to keep a personal connection, and will help with your open rates when you do send email marketing newsletters or offers.


Create statistics to create ideal attendee

Lastly, using your data to create your “ideal attendee” is essential for effective marketing.

Run reports on demographics of your attendees: location, age, sex, etc. These statistics really help you build a picture of who your “ideal attendee” is and what they look like.

When setting up ads and other marketing campaigns for future events, you can target your ads by plugging in the ideal attendee stats so your ads will be shown to the right people.

Make sure you think about what you want to know about your ideal attendee BEFORE registration. That way you can make sure you are asking the questions you want to gather the data you need. For many events, knowing the job title of the attendee is helpful. As long as you ask this question during registration, it’s a data point you can report on later.


With these tips and a range of promotional materials to hand, you can ensure your next event is a roaring success.

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