Top Tips for Designing Your Spring Quad Posters |
Top Tips for Designing Your Spring Quad Posters

Top Tips for Designing Your Spring Quad Posters

With the long winter months finally behind us, retailers are setting their sights on the new spring season  – promoting their new and exciting products while aiming to retain steady sales on backdated items. There’s no doubt that all goods – old and new – are of vital importance to your company’s revenue and longevity, which is why having an attractive and attention-grabbing quad poster can make all the difference when it comes to keeping your establishment ahead of the competition.

In today’s economic climate, a good product needs a strong marketing strategy behind it. Consumers are in a constant state of compulsive thinking, with savvy sales strategies and eye-catching designs continually shifting and changing buying habits. If you’re marketing a new line, clearing old stock, putting on a mid-season sale or simply advertising your brand, attention-commanding quad posters can help to boost sales and awareness – and today, we’re bringing you our top tips for designing your own quad posters.

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Be creative

With new and innovative marketing campaigns produced daily by elite global brands, your designs also must integrate creation in order to compete. From telling the consumer a story to using a sales poster for retail to highlight the uniqueness of your promotions, make sure the customer knows what your store can offer to them.

If your quad poster is a showcasing new and exciting product, show the potential buyer why this item is like no other with an eye-catching design. Don’t be limited to a paragraph of informative text alongside a generic picture of the product – instead, allow your creative juices to flow by creating a stand out piece that intrigues customers.

Know your audience

Finding the correct design that fits your brand and campaign will ultimately attract your desired clientele. Be clear from the start of your campaign on who you are marketing to – as this will influence the sort of quad poster you create in order to appeal to their senses and encourage them to make a purchase.

Size matters

Is your product, event or brand bespoke? Attracting attention is always crucial when drawing interest at a busy convention or securing interest from potential buyers on the high street. Understanding how big your quad posters will be will help to determine the level of interest from your consumer – and the positioning of your retail posters will be paramount when it comes to ensuring they’re in the eye-line of shoppers. Work with the customer journey and ensure your eye-catching sale posters for shops are showing the customers products they want to see. The same size quad poster won’t be suited to every store, so spend some time thinking about the space you have available and the products you’re trying to promote.

Quality over quantity

Alongside accurate sizing and positioning, any poster your establishment decides to display must uphold basic design and manufacturing fundamentals. All text within the quad poster must be easy to read from a distance,while keywords should be enhanced if necessary.

The production of a sale poster should be first-class – so whether you’re a small retailer or a corporate chain, the necessity of high-quality will help retain credibility and respect. At, we use the latest printing technology – such as the new Durst Rho 312 Reel press – while utilising UV inks on Front Printed Backlit Film to create professional and high quality quad posters for your store..

Colour and type

Key signifiers such as appropriate typography and colouring can immediately set the tone for what your poster is trying to convey. The late great Steve Jobs has long boasted his admiration for type, stating a typography class he attended during his time at college inspired the beauty and minimalistic genius behind all of his Apple products. With careful selection of appropriate typeface, you can give your quad poster a timeless sense of class and beauty – creating a design that delivers on style and functionality.

When choosing your colour scheme, be mindful of the emotion each hue evokes. If your product or brand aims to initiate calmness, then blue over red would be the obvious choice. Colour can be the strongest narrative in regards to design, so selecting a palette best suited to the ethos of your message is essential.


Understanding these design tips can drastically improve the impact of your marketing strategy – maximising income and improving brand awareness. Head over to our blog to find out more about building your brand’s image in-store.

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