Top 8 eye roll moments for Graphic Designers |
Top 8 eye roll moments for Graphic Designers

Top 8 eye roll moments for Graphic Designers

As a graphic designer, whether you work within a design agency or at home as a freelancer – you’re bound to come into contact with some pretty frustrating clients.  After some research amongst our own designers and some of the agencies we have worked with, we’ve came up with a list of top 8 eye roll moments for graphic designers.

  1. Overused, ugly Fonts

Designers hate ugly fonts – yes we’re looking at you Comic Sans! A perfectly good design can be ruined by using an inappropriate novel font. Imagine you have two stalls selling noodles. One stand uses a cowboy western font whilst another uses letters curved like Japanese Brush strokes – which stall would you choose? Most likely, the one with the authentic Japanese Brush strokes – we rest our case!

  1. “Can I just make one last change?”

We all know that one last change is not actually the final change at all – is it really that difficult to compile a list of ALL the changes you would like to make and hand them over as lists?


  1. “ Just do what you think, you’re the designer”

So basically you want us to read your mind? This phrase gives us unlimited freedom to design your advert based on how WE perceive your brand. We can deliver da Vinci but if you’re looking for van Gogh then there’s going to be an issue! Of course, designers are creative experts but a decent brief from the outset means the process will run much smoother and you are likely to receive an end result that’s more in keeping with your brand.

  1. The client has sent their logo….in Microsoft Word!

Seeing an MS Word file attached to an email makes us want to pull our hair out! We’re always asked to scale images and it’s hard to stretch a low-res file without sacrificing its sharpness. And before you ask no we can’t take the images directly form your website as an alternative. The web has a resolution of 72dpi, whilst all quality printing companies print at 300dpi.


  1. Vague Feedback

“Can You Jazz it up a bit? Give it more oomph?” Please try and specify what you mean by jazz and ommph – vague instructions will lead to vague changes – we need specifics!

  1. Family & Friend Freebies

Friends and family often expect preferential treatment when it comes to their own design projects. That’s usually okay, after all who wants to charge their nearest and dearest? However, you may find yourself helping others for free more often than you like.“Can you design my sisters friend’s wedding invitations?” or “My cats went missing, can you design a poster?” are both signs the freebie work may have went a little too far.

  1. “It’s an easy one so shouldn’t take you very long.”

No problem, we will just put the brakes on the work we’re doing for our other clients so we can focus on your spur of the moment project. In most cases this statement is far from the truth, depending on the complexity of the project some graphic design alterations will take a long time to complete.

  1. Feedback

The annoying moment when you’ve pushed for feedback for weeks to ensure you stick to the project timetable. Then, 24 hours before the client expects the artwork to be adjusted and sent back you eventually receive the revisions.

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