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The Window Shopper: Friend or Foe?

The Window Shopper: Friend or Foe?

Nowadays, shopping is as much a sociable activity as it is for the purpose to purchase something. Window shopping has become a hobby in itself – with people choosing to spend their days off browsing the high street, without any intention to splash their cash.

On a busy Saturday afternoon, window shoppers and browsers are surely an inconvenience for sales advisors? To spend time and effort on a customer is worth it if they’ll end up spending money themselves, but what about those who are convinced that they won’t be parting with any cash? In today’s post, we’ll be busting that myth and taking a look at how you can boost those sales-margins by converting window shoppers into paying customers.

Wow with window displays

End of High Street Stores

As window shoppers pass by, they’ll be looking for somewhere to take shelter from the bustling shopping centre. Make sure that they choose to browse in your store – by creating an inviting and exciting shop window display. Stunning shop window design is paramount in retail, as it literally provides a window of insight into what you’ve got to offer. Get potential shoppers through your door with window display clings – using these decals to advertise special offers and stand out from the competition.

Never underestimate in-store visual merchandising

Customers love feeling well-informed, but sales advisers bombarding them with information can be off-putting. Eye-catching totems and bollards will allow the customer to read about offers at their own leisure, alerting them to any interesting promotions without pressuring them to enter the store. This advertising tactic can often subliminally prompt the customer to enter the store and make a purchase – easy!

The power of persuasion


Your creative window display ideas have got the window-shoppers through the door, but how do you convert increased footfall into profit? Through the art of persuasion. As if your products weren’t irresistible enough already, an in-store promotion will be the final push a customer needs to make a purchase. Sales advisers are there to recommend, advise and essentially persuade customers to make a purchase – so make sure they’re in the know about offers and products you’re looking to shift.

Form a friendship for the future

Whether they’re passersby or prospective buyers, making an impression on window-shoppers is a sure-fire way to make sure that your store is remembered. When the time comes and they’re ready to make a purchase, your customers will think of you – and the rest will be history. Excellent customer service from start to finish is hugely important in retail – it demonstrates consistency and your customers will associate this with your products. Put a real effort into connecting with each customer, and you’ll be sure to reap the rewards in the future.

Window shoppers can be a gold mine for retailers. These sociable shoppers will often need minimal persuasion to spend their disposable income – and often, all you need is to get them through the door. Why wait? Boost your income by investing in eye-catching retail window displays with – our hanging signs are not to be missed!

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