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The Impulse Buyer: An Opportunity That’s Too Good to Miss

The Impulse Buyer: An Opportunity That’s Too Good to Miss

There’s something quite liberating about buying on impulse. You feel a sense of urgency as you pick up a bargain, and know that if you don’t add it to your basket, you may never see such a competitive special offer again. Then again, there’s the risk that you’re buying something that you don’t really need, and certainly weren’t intending on buying. We’ve all walked out of a store not knowing quite what we’ve just bought, or why. But that’s the beauty of impulse buyers, they’re risk-takers – and more often than not, their risk pays off for the retailer too.

In the world of retail, persuading impulsive consumers to part with even more of their cash is a simple and effective way to increase sales revenue. As they edge nearer to the checkout and their purses begin to appear, customers are increasingly susceptible to picking up a bargain. In today’s post, we’ll take a look at how the right point of sale displays can turn anyone into an impulse buyer – boosting your sales and store’s success!

Position your point of purchase display properly

Throughout their shopping experience, the customer will be toying with the idea of whether they really need to purchase the product. By the time they make it to the till point with their chosen goods, the consumer will be beginning to be more susceptible to a few added extras. Positioning the lower-cost impulse-buys at the till point means that they can add those extra bits and bobs to their basket – things that a customer wouldn’t necessarily queue for otherwise.

Opting for new and exciting products on the market, alongside trusted and well-known brands is a sure-fire way to keep your customers entertained whilst they queue for the check-out, and those extra pounds will add up in your profit margin.

Plan what’ll be on your POP display

Deciding on which point of sale material is most appropriate for your current store layout is one of the most important decisions for your merchandising team. Do you have a product promotion on? Or are you looking to shift some of those items that seem to have been hanging around forever? POS displays are a great way to prompt customers to add these products to their basket, and get stock moving out of the store!

It’s important to think about upcoming events and variables such as the weather. Positioning sun-cream on a point of sale display in advance of a heatwave, for example, will mean that consumers increase their in-store spend with you, rather than taking their business elsewhere.


Keep it store-relevant

Whilst impulse buyers can’t resist a bargain, it’s important to keep your POS display in-line with other products on offer and relevant to the store’s branding. There’s no point in stocking beauty and grooming products at a hardware store, for example, as it’s pretty likely that the clientele won’t be interested. Opt for goods that will complement your higher ticket items – so for a shoe-shop, create a point of sale display selling gel foot-cushions and shoe polish, offering the perfect impulse link-sale opportunity.

Special offers should stand out

The point of promotional pricing is to temporarily lower the price of a product in order to entice consumers to purchase a product with a hefty discount. While the customer may walk away feeling that they’ve got themselves a fantastic deal, the retailer has not only gained a portion of the profit but they’ve also opened up a product line to potential future customers.

Special offers are an impulse buyer’s biggest weakness, so it’s vital that you make these promotions stand out. Positioning promotions off the shelves and opting for eye-catching dump bins and FSDUs means that the products are easy to spot – and the POS display stands can be fully customised to fit the brand itself. Attractive point of sale stands will ensure that these irresistible bargains won’t go unnoticed, making your marketing strategy a success.

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