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Retail Signage: Directing the Customer Journey

Retail Signage: Directing the Customer Journey

When it comes to retail, it’s all about influencing the customer journey. With modern retail going far beyond the simple sale of goods under one roof, today, shopping is an experience in itself.

Retailers spend millions every year on merchandising, moving goods around and redesigning shelf displays to optimise each customer’s journey through their store – incrementally increasing their all-important spend-per-visit. But what about basic retail banners and signs?

Often neglected in favour of more technical or trendy consumer marketing tactics, the simplicity and effectiveness of clear and attractive retail signage could be the missing puzzle piece when it comes to unlocking your store’s true sales potential.

From humble hanging signage to bright and bold bollard sleeves, today we’re talking all things sign language. Read on to find out more about the role that effective signage plays in the customer journey, and how it can be used to increase customer spend in your store.

The role of retail signage

Signage plays a vital role in shaping the customer journey, from the moment your store comes into their line of sight. Primarily directing attention, signage can also be used to inform customers of new offers and promotions, or simply to highlight amenities and services available in-store.

Hanging signs

Retail signage is typically broken down into five categories: outdoor signage, departmental signage, directional signage, promotional signage and service signage.

Departmental hanging signs are vital in ensuring your customers are aware of your full product range and able to find what they’re looking for with ease. Hanging high above the shop floor, these highly visible signs act like beacons for each product grouping throughout your store’s range – drawing customers further into your retail space.

Investing in hanging shop signs becomes an especially attractive proposition when you consider the customer service time spent directing customers towards particular products – perhaps one of the most frequent customer queries faced by retail staff. By implementing some self-explanatory signage, you can free up precious staff time to man the till point or promote specific products in your store.

It’s also important to remember that some customers may not be comfortable with asking for help finding a product and, without comprehensive signage throughout the store, customers can easily become frustrated – leading to abandoned baskets.

Directional signs can also significantly improve the customer experience, too – especially in larger stores with multiple departments. Struggling to find where to pay can be a cause of frustration for many customers, so make sure your till points and customer service areas are clearly signposted with a hanging sign displayed prominently overhead.

Remember to keep your signage clear and concise with consistent branding, avoiding any confusion when it comes to various product groups, brands or promotions.

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Grow sales through signage

In-store and outdoor signs can, of course, go beyond simply pointing customers in the right direction.

On the fiercely competitive high street, you can find yourself fighting with your neighbours for the valuable attention of passers-by – and attractive and inviting promotional signage is key in winning their custom.

Totems and bollard covers

From using bollard covers to highlight in-store promotions and sales to designing attractive window clings to advertise new product launches, street-facing signage is invaluable when it comes to enticing customers through the door.

Once a customer has entered your store, it’s vital to ensure that your hanging shop signs and displays cover your entire product range. Many retailers rely on customers stumbling upon more niche products grouped under larger categories – but by pointing these out, you could increase the number of items they add to their basket.

For example, many pharmacies and supermarkets will direct customers to a generic ‘Toiletries’ or ‘Bath & Shower’ section of the store, without pointing out individual categories – such as bathing accessories, luxury products and men’s grooming – which may be spread across multiple aisles.

Retail signage can also be used to stop customers in their tracks. Totem displays are incredibly effective in slowing customers down and diverting their attention towards a specific display or offer.

This free-standing signage can be placed wherever you want customers to stop, look and listen – whether it’s a display of half price items or information on an upcoming offer. Totem stands are tall enough to be seen from a distance and can be particularly powerful when scattered across a number of hotspots throughout your store.

By ensuring you display clear and comprehensive signage across your store, you can maximise awareness of your full product range – leaving no corners of your retail space in the dark. When used in combination with impactful outdoor signs and displays, an investment in retail signage could translate to a serious growth in takings at the till point.

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