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Table Talkers: Tent Cards in the Hospitality Sector

Table Talkers: Tent Cards in the Hospitality Sector

As anyone in the hospitality sector will know, designing the layout of a restaurant is far more complicated than just laying the table. From choosing the perfect dishes for the menu to ensuring there’s a perfect balance of marketing materials on each table, there are a number of things to consider for each restaurant launch.

Printed materials are vital in any bar or eatery, making it worth your while to set aside some time for perfecting the finer details. From guiding the customer through the number of dishes on offer to enticing them to splash out on side orders, every team in the hospitality sector will be well aware that the menu serves as a source of both culinary information and marketing material. That’s why today, we’re taking a look at the new style of menu cards that are taking over the hospitality industry: table talkers. The perfect combination of eye-catching designs and low-cost marketing, these tent cards are ideal in any informal dining environment. Let’s take a closer look.

Eye-catching designs at eye level


What could be a better opportunity than putting your sales message right in front of the customer’s eye-line? There’s a reason why tent cards are nicknamed table-talkers, and that’s because these conversation starters stand out far more than a main menu that’s stored in leaflet display stands. As the diner looks across the table, they won’t be able to miss that eye-catching promotion on the counter-top – which is excellent news for both building brand awareness and encouraging additional spending.

Make seasonal menus stand out

As the seasons change, so will the menu. While some ingredients will be better suited for a warm winter dish, the summer crop may mean you may opt for an entirely different choice of cuisine. In many restaurants, the year-round favourites will still feature on the main menu, but seasonal tent cards are the perfect low-cost option for putting a whole range of new dishes on the table – without needing an entire menu change.

Promoting special offers


Whether it’s for a promotion that will last a long period of time or a short-term special offer, a tent card template that’s customised to fit your products and price list is a perfect way to spread the word of your latest campaign. Low-cost and easy to assemble, setting your tables will be no problem with this simple solution to counter-top marketing.

Are you ready to get your tables talking about the superb selection of food available in your restaurant? Customise your tent cards online, and let us handle the rest. Our efficient services mean you’ll receive your tent card printing as soon as possible. Take a look at the impeccable standard of our stunning range of POS displays to find out more.

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