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Switching Up POS Displays: Getting Your Store Spring-Ready

Switching Up POS Displays: Getting Your Store Spring-Ready

With February well underway, it won’t be long before winter’s freezing temperatures and dark nights become a distant memory – and as spring moves in, shoppers will once again flood the high street. Following the January sales, those working in the world of retail will be well accustomed to the post-Christmas spending lull – but with springtime marking the start of warmer days, more and more retailers are preparing their stores for the new season’s shoppers.

Spring-cleaning may be an annual tradition for homeowners, but with dated point of sale stands and deadstock still lining the shelves, it’s retailers who need to be cleaning up their stores ahead of the new season. POS display stands that are relevant to the time of year are crucial for in-store merchandising, which is why today, our guide will bring you all the need-to-knows for designing your own springtime point of sale. From tapping into the nation’s seasonal habits to taking full advantage of any upcoming events and themes, we’ll be explaining how stores can utilise the point of sale this season – and boost profits too!

1. Make the most out of national celebrations

With Mothering Sunday being celebrated on 26th March this year and Father’s Day 18th June, these national events are a great way to bookend springtime and jump on the popularity of gift-giving.That’s why, as the population gets ready to celebrate these annual events, retailers from a diverse range of markets are seeking new ways of getting in on the action. Whether it’s greetings cards, gift sets or novelty merchandise, an eye-catching point of sale display that’s bursting with themed gifts will help consumers in their search for the perfect present. And from wrapping paper to gift bags, there are plenty of ways for you to encourage those extra add-ons before your customers check out.

2. Create a seasonal theme

Confectionary will always appeal to any customers who are in need of a pick me up at the point of sale, but with Easter eggs only appearing on the shelves once a year, a point of purchase display that’s filled with Easter-themed treats will be too good to resist for the majority of shoppers. Customise your POP display to suit the Easter theme and stock the section with tempting chocolate eggs. Seeing these novelty chocolates in-store will mark the start of springtime for most consumers – and the low price tags mean that these fast-moving products will be flying off the shelves.

3. Tap into the spring cleaning frenzy

The new year may bring a ‘new year, new me’ mentality, but as we edge towards the springtime, it’s the annual spring clean that becomes the focus of many people’s attention. From decluttering to deep cleaning, the nation becomes obsessed with channelling the freshness that’s associated with spring in their own homes. For retailers, the spring cleaning need is a timely opportunity to boost impulse purchases, so consider creating a POS display with products that subtly hint at the need for a spring clean -a nd group all relevant products in one area to encourage customers to stock up on these spring clean essentials.

4. Highlight sports and hobbies

New year’s resolutions may be becoming a distant memory, but with blossoming wildlife and warmer temperatures, springtime marks the start of the nation taking up new sports. With fresh greenery all around and sporting events like the Tour de France fast approaching, the majority of us will want to get active outdoors – so why not use a sports-themed point of sale counter display to encourage shoppers to take up a new hobby? From sweatbands to water bottles, point of display stands that are packed with fast-moving sports essentials will motivate passers-by to step into spring by providing them with easy access to any essentials.

5. Embrace the outdoors and get floral

Spring is all about the birth of new life, and with Earth Day on 22nd April, it’s no surprise retailers are ensuring that fresh foliage and greenery is predominant in the store design for this season. Whether the space around the point of sale is bursting with seasonal shoots or floral themed point of sale displays, opting for petal shapes and paler tones in this section of the store means that your on-trend retail merchandising tactics are remembered as the customer makes their way out of the door.

From making the most of the season’s most popular themes to ensuring that your store layout is in-line with the latest retail trends, regularly switching up retail display stands means returning customers will continue to keep on spending.

So there you have it, with our seasonal point of sale display ideas directing you towards springtime sales success, it’s time for you to order your customisable point of sale materials with shop4pop.com. Just choose the size and shape online, then personalise our point of sale display template to suit your branding.

As point of sale display manufacturers, we’re dedicated to bringing you the highest-quality retail display solutions, so you can be confident that your spring-themed store will stand out on the high street. In need of more inspiration? Why not browse our blog for more point of purchase display examples today?

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