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Visual Merchandising: Getting Your Store Summer Ready

Visual Merchandising: Getting Your Store Summer Ready

As the summer rolls around, designing an attractive shop window display allows businesses to get creative and overhaul their approach to advertising. The window displays are the most visual representation of your brand, so getting them right can be challenging – but matching the displays with the season is a great way to get your store summer ready.

From faux garden displays to implementing bright summer colours, there are several ways to attract customers to your store. In today’s post, we’re taking a closer look at window displays and identifying the best ways to get your store’s window display summer-ready.

Dare to be bold

The summer season means the neutral colour of winter displays are changed to bolder, brighter colours. Window graphics should be vivid and reminiscent of the warm weather – as this is guaranteed to attract interest. Psychologists have suggested colours like yellow, green and pink evoke particular emotions, like happiness, trust and confidence – meaning your customers are more likely to make a purchase.

Your shop window display needs to stand out from all other shop fronts on the high street or in the shopping centre. A bold, attractive and attention-commanding store won’t allow shoppers to pass by, so get creative with your aesthetic approach.

The power of props


As well as using bold colours, incorporating props into your display is a great way to create a unique shop window that attracts customers this summer. Before creating the display, decide if the products are the main thing you want to display or is showing off your brand identity more important?

Props should be used as a snapshot of the experience you want to customers to have in store – as well as trigger a desire to buy. Use ‘lead in lines’ to keep props at eye level, and place smaller products in the front and larger ones in the back. Adding multiple layers of height can help to create an engaging display and capture the attention of passers-by.

Keep it clean

Summer is an exciting season, hopefully free from the usual rain and greyness of winter, and your display should match this upbeat, optimistic feeling. From your sale posters to promotional bollards, your advertising should avoid being too messy. Make sure window clings aren’t cluttered with words and pictures. Instead, keep it clean – use large window graphics to say exactly what you want without using too many words – and use one or two focal pieces to create the rest of your display.

If you want to create a powerful visual display in time for summer, check out our full range of essentials and customisable products at – or if you’re searching for more tips on making impactful displays, head over to our blog to find out more.

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