Is your store Halloween ready? From Devilish Dump Bins to Frightful FSDUs |
Is your store Halloween ready? From Devilish Dump Bins to Frightful FSDUs

Is your store Halloween ready? From Devilish Dump Bins to Frightful FSDUs

It’s that time of year again – pumpkins, confectionery and an array of scary costumes have hit the retail shelves. What started as a hugely celebrated North American tradition has swept its way across the pond to become the UK’s third biggest event – according to new data from eBay. From 2015 to 2016 there was a 5% annual growth in Halloween sales with a similar level of growth expected this year. So, how do you make sure your store takes advantage of the occasion?

Impulse Purchases

For all its convenience, where seasonal events are concerned, online simply doesn’t provide the same tangible experience as a store. After all, in-store theatre and creative displays can capture your customers imagination and create a greater emotional response than online.

Of course, large retailers have both the budget and resource to implement lavish displays yet there’s still many simple inexpensive items that smaller retailers can use to get in on the action.  From Pumpkin Dump Bins to Spooky themed FSDUs, when placed at key locations in your store they will undoubtedly increase impulse purchases. Try placing a themed Dump Bin in a high traffic area such as near the till point or at the end of an aisle – a perfect opportunity to curate and promote a seasonal collection! The till point is also a great place to encourage shoppers to make a last-minute purchase. From hanging cobwebs to stocking seasonally-themed sweet treats, utilise your Point of Sale displays and see basket sales soar.

Social Media

Even if you don’t have products that fit the season, Halloween provides a great opportunity to communicate with your customers. From social media staff selfies to Halloween themed email marketing competitions, there’s plenty of ways to engage your customers and create a buzz across your social media platforms.


It’s not all about impulse purchases, shoppers will also be making planned purchases particularly when it comes to confectionery, decorations and costumes. It’s therefore important to stock up on a broad range of items to ensure you have something that appeals to all your target audience.  It’s also important you have the right amount of stock – avoid over buying so you aren’t left with surplus after the event is over.

Plan where you will situate your products and how you will display them. Many sales during this period will be focused around the £1 price point- these are the products that are best displayed within Dump Bins or Counter Top Display Units at key locations as mentioned above. With seasonal events like Halloween, customers are more likely to engage with your store and products when you create a visually appealing theme – so use promotional materials like FSDUs to lead them on a journey through your store. From decorative products in a Dump Bin at the entrance to creative costumes and accessories hanging by the till point, keep the store journey in mind and give customers what they want.

With Christmas now also looming, make sure you’re careful not to let marketing efforts for the two occasions overlap too conspicuously. If you run all your seasonal promotions at once, you risk diluting your message.

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