Spotlight on: Shelf Wobblers |
Spotlight on: Shelf Wobblers

Spotlight on: Shelf Wobblers

What are Shelf Wobblers?

A Shelf Wobbler is simply a small sign that attaches to a shelf. They can communicate specific promotions to passing customers and are usually used as a marketing tool to persuade customers to make low value add-on sales. Shelf Wobblers account for nearly 33% of £13.4m incremental sales for one high-street retailer!

Are they suitable for your business?

Most businesses will have some sort of use for shelf wobblers, particularly those in the retail sector. Shelf Wobblers work best in crowded product categories; such products include packaged food, homeware, toiletries, electronic and white goods, confectionary and cold drinks. Shelf Wobblers will most commonly be found in supermarkets and convenience stores; however they are also effective in pharmacies, hardware stores, cafes and service stations.

Benefits of using shelf wobblers

Shelf Wobblers allow you to shout about a particular promotion, new product, clearance or sale item. Alternatively you can use them to present key facts or benefits about specific products, this works particularly well in the health and nutrition sector. They also allow you to add a little vibrancy and interactivity to your previously plain shelves.

Shelf Wobblers are low cost and quick and easy to place on your shelves thus appeal to majority of shop owners. Unlike some other POS options they do not require any floor space, so are a perfect option if you have a relatively small store. To create a larger impact combine them with other in-store marketing materials such as counter top items, FSDUs, Posters, Hanging Signs or Dump Bins. However, remember to keep branding across all artwork consistent so it looks tidy and professional.

Remember not to overcrowd your Shelf Wobblers with information, this can look messy and overbearing to your customer, try sticking to one clear message and one image (if you wish to include one).

Our Shop4pop Shelf Wobblers are printed on hard wearing PVC material meaning they’re great for long-term use. They are available in packs of 5 starting from £16.80, the more you buy, the more you save. Check them out HERE.

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