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The pop-up shop: an ideal market tester for small online businesses

The pop-up shop: an ideal market tester for small online businesses

The pop-up shop: High impact minimal risk

A successful pop-up shop quite literally ‘pops-up’ makes a splash and then exits, leaving customers wanting more. It’s the perfect solution for small online retailers, who haven’t yet tested the high-street or alternatively the ideal launchpad for new brands wanting to create some quick and effective brand awareness. With high-street rents high and competition fierce; the pop-up shop becomes the perfect solution providing high impact but with minimal risk. The pop-up retail model is therefore one of the best cost saving ideas for small business owners looking to test their target market and here are a few reasons why:

#1 People want what they can’t have

People want more from a pop-up shop, as they know it won’t be around forever, which creates a sense of urgency that encourages spontaneous purchase decisions. Customers may have the intention to buy one thing, however they’ll likely buy two or three things simply because they’ll not get the chance to again (or can’t wait for their next chance to arise). Secondly, people also want to have what others don’t; as the pop-up is only around for a limited period, it’s unlikely that you’ll encounter many others with the same product.

#2 Flexibility

The format of a pop-up means that you can change whatever you want when you want. This is not your space forever and thus you aren’t restricted to any visual merchandising guidelines. Ideally you want your displays to be portable, so you can use them again in an alternative location. As you’re just ‘testing the waters’, you want your display products to look high quality and professional whilst still being reasonably priced. Our FSDUs, Dump Bins and Counter Top items can all be branded with your company logo and colours, whilst being professional, durable and cost effective. Better still, they can be flat packed and reused as and when required. If you’re actually renting a unit within a shopping mall for a short space of time, it’s worth also considering  one of our Window Clings meaning you can add some colour/graphics to your shop window or alternatively promote a specific product or offer.

#3 Follow your target market

A Pop-up shop allows  you to take yourself to your target customer, you can take your pop-up to the latest trendy music festival, the local shopping mall or to the latest arena concert – the possibilities are endless. You’re not restricted to one area and thus you can make a splash across various towns and cities – another reason why you need to keep in mind the portability of your display items.

#4 Feedback

If you’re an online brand it’s unlikely that you’ve had a great deal of opportunity to communication face-to-face with your customer. A pop-up shop presents you with the perfect opportunity to collect some market research. How do customers behave towards your products? What are the most frequently asked questions? Are there any barriers to purchase? What is the general opinion regarding your products? That aside, it also allows you an opportunity to communicate using print, something you may not have had the opportunity to do if you’re an online brand.  Try handing out some flyers, brochures and vouchers referring customers to your website for their future purchases.

Keep in mind…

The main thing you must keep in mind is that a pop-up shop is a brand awareness exercise and sales generator. Therefore EVERYTHING must be branded, from Brochure Holders, FSDU units, Counter-top Display units, Shelf Edge printing and so on. This is crucial to create a buzz amongst consumers and to drive people to your online store or website for more information; you want the audience to remember who you are hours are after they spotted you.

If you are a brand looking to create a pop-up shop, we have a range of products that can be branded to your requirements. You can upload your own artwork or choose from a large selection of customisable designs, which you can add your own logo, brand colours and text to.

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