Shelf Signage - how to use shelf wobblers |
Shelf Signage – how to use shelf wobblers

Shelf Signage – how to use shelf wobblers

Can you guess which retail marketing solution that was both cheap and effective accounted for nearly 33% of £13.4m incremental sales for a major supermarket chain?

It was shelf signage, in particular shelf wobblers.


What are shelf shelf wobblers?

You probably will have seen them when you have gone food shopping to your local supermarket. However, you may not be aware of the correct terminology used when describing what they are. Shelf wobblers are printed onto PVC that hangs from a shelf where the price is. They usually convey offers and discounts to entice customers to look at products. Shop4Pop’s Shelf Wobblers are the perfect option to unleash your creativity on the shelf edge. Flexible, bright and infinitely customisable, they are an excellent upgrade on a standard Shelf Talker.


Are shelf wobblers suitable for my business?

Shelf wobblers are suitable for all types of businesses, big or small. They’re best used in shops that have expansive product categories, where a customer has a lot of option to choose from. The reason why you have seen them more so in supermarkets is because the customer has about 10 different brands of the same product to choose from. As long as you have something to market and something for the wobbler to hang from, wobble away!


How would I use a shelf wobbler?

As explained before, a shelf wobbler is fantastic at promoting special offers. They are a great way of increasing brand and product awareness in a busy retail space.

Highlight a product line that may not be doing as well in selling. If you have a product that is slow in selling, elevate the chance of it selling using shelf wobblers.

Make sure that your shelf wobblers are interactive! Try putting a social media handle, competition URL or a QR code to receive discounts on them. You’ll soon see customers interacting with your wobblers.


What are the benefits?

Other than elevating your user experience and promoting products and lines within your retail space. Shelf wobblers are durable and cheap! At shop4pop, we digitally print onto a hard-wearing PVC, designed for long term use, they are a fun marketing solution.


Self adhesive pads are supplied for fixation, or the wobblers can be slotted into shelf edging.

Ready to see your in-store sales soar during your next promotional price campaign? Find your fit by browsing our range of affordable shelf wobblers, and customise your own impactful design online today!


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