Retailers & Point of Sale this Black Friday |
Retailers & Point of Sale this Black Friday

Retailers & Point of Sale this Black Friday

Black Friday is the first day of the year that retailers apparently move from being in the red to being in the black! The madness of a 24 hour flash sale caused footfall on the British high-street to increase by over 10% in 2014 and with sales anticipated to exceed £1 billion this year, retailers are becoming even more competitive.

By supporting your Black Friday sale with effective merchandising and Point of Sale displays you’re much more likely to engage with your customers and the passing trade. After all, Black Friday creates a panic and rush amongst customers; many are on a mission to find the best possible deal and are thus looking to engage with your displays and messages.

The bigger picture…

Start by thinking of how you’re going to get customers to your store and build momentum leading up to the event. Have you advertised your flash sale on social media and perhaps including a countdown to the event? Have you emailed your current and perspective customer base about it? Do you plan on advertising in any local magazines or newspapers? Once you’ve outlined your overall strategy for driving footfall, then start thinking about the store itself.

Think External…

Window Clings and Bollard Covers are perfect to advertise flash sales; they’ll alert the passing trade and entice customers who would never usually visit your store to pop in for a browse.  Ensure all external Point of Sale is eye catching and clear with one precise message, for example ‘Black Friday sale up to 60% off’. Keep it short and snappy so you don’t dilute the main message (this is something worth keeping in mind across all your Black Friday marketing material).

Within your store…

Within store, ensure all discounts are highlighted clearly. If you’re running different promotions and discounts across the store ensure relevant price breaks are grouped together and supported by the relevant point of sale. Keep your most heavily discounted items in the most prominent positions within store. Try and get as much stock out on the shop floor as possible to reduce the risk of sell through, whilst still ensuring rails and shelves are not so full they can’t be shopped.

If space is an issue, Dump Bins can help relieve your shelves, fill them with smaller items such as accessories, socks or cosmetics. Research by POPAI suggests they’re also an effective method of increasing basket value due to maintaining a high level of customer engagement. They help create the impression that these products are more important than others on the shelves and consequently help shift volumes of high stock level product.  Another option you may want to consider for larger products is an FSDU (Free Standing Display Unit), choose from a 2, 3 or 4 shelf option, these units will also help you relieve your shelves of overstock whilst giving you the same benefits as a Dump Bin.

Most notable of all, ensure you’re still delivering the best customer service possible despite the busy rush. You’ll need to bear in mind things you perhaps wouldn’t on a typical day. For example, do you have barriers to manage crowds in order to create a queue system for those entering the store and those at the till point, it’s also worth thinking about ensuring extra staff are on the shop floor and perhaps extra security.

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