Retail in the Digital Age |
Retail in the Digital Age

Retail in the Digital Age

For most millennials, dial-up internet is a vague memory from their early-years and the idea of not having regular access to computers or smartphonesl is pretty inconceivable. Technology has advanced exponentially in recent years, and the world of retail is loving it. The digital age is a game-changer for shopping, and modern high-tech systems are keeping customers spending.

Digital retail is everywhere, so keeping up with the latest technology is vital. An up-to-date business is bound to be a success – and today, we’re taking a look at the current technology trends in the retail sector. Follow our guide to all things digital to maximise customer-interest and, of course, your profits.

Go contactless

Why be weighed down by cash when you can carry a single credit card? The chip and pin system and the convenience of plastic changed the face of shopping in 2004 – and now contactless payment is creating another shopping revolution. Don’t be the retailer who isn’t asking “is it contactless?” Not all bank cards have made it to contactless yet, so get ahead of the game with a modern contactless card machine and be ready to make your customers’ shopping experience as efficient as possible. The ease and excitement of paying contactlessly with a card, phone or even watch is something else – and the simplicity will mean that customers keep on spending.

Digital age

Sleek self-service

Most supermarkets have made the move to self-service checkouts, and they’re proving a success. Stores are saving money on employing numerous staff to operate check-outs, and customers are loving the ease of this sleek system. Just like with any till point, maximise impulse buys by investing in point of sale stands – such as free-standing pos display stands. Up-selling and a point of purchase (POP) display are ideal ways to boost a consumer’s in-store spend – great news for your profit margin!

Make it multi channel retail

Consumers are always looking to browse or shell out on their next purchase – even from their own homes! The revolution of online shopping has created a world of retail which never sleeps. Taking your products online means customers can still spend, long after you’ve closed up for the day. Investing in a great, user-friendly website and mobile app can be invaluable for a business – and customers will be more likely to stay loyal to a brand that fits both their online and in-store needs.


#Spreadtheword on social media

Word of mouth has always been one of the best forms of low-cost marketing – and thanks to social media, it couldn’t be easier. Getting online with digital advertising allows you to access your intended market 24/7, so create a page for your brand or business across all forms of social networks. Use your account to create trends with Twitter campaigns and rectify any customer complaints on Facebook – where you’ll be able to show off your excellent customer service with your online presence, and advertise yourself for free too.

For more advice on taking your business into the twenty first century today, check out our top tips for modern day marketing and lead your store to success by checking out our high quality POS display range.

Modern technology doesn’t wait around, so why should you? Get ahead of the retail game by getting online – and don’t forget to give us a ‘like’ on Facebook!

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