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Dump Bins, Dead Stock and the Dos and Don’ts of Retail

Dump Bins, Dead Stock and the Dos and Don’ts of Retail

When it comes to running a store, there’s no set rulebook. Whether your company is large or small, a chain or independent, it’s down to you and the management team to decide how to operate your store. For some, a focus on exemplary customer service will be vital – whereas in other stores, it will be all about providing a diverse range of products at a competitive price.

However you choose to run your business, the secret to store success is all about following expert advice on the dos and don’ts of retail. These tried and tested guidelines can make all the difference to your profit margins, which is why in today’s post, we’re bringing you all the retail need-to-knows.

DO keep it clean

We’ve all been in those busy bustling stores and noticed just how poorly-kept they actually are. No-one wants to purchase products from a company that can’t keep its store tidy, which is why retail services such as FSDUs and dump bins are must-haves. As well as providing extra shelving space, these cardboard units are a practical host for any unsold miscellaneous items – so your aisles can be dedicated to housing an array of similar stock. Keep the store tidy throughout the day by asking your sales advisors to organise stock and operate a ‘clean as you go’ policy. Not only will this level of cleanliness appeal to consumers, it’ll make the out-of-hours clean-up far easier too!

DO stay well-stocked

well-stocked store

Promoting your products is a great way to encourage customers to increase their spend – but it can be embarrassing for retailers when they realise their most sought-after stock is unavailable. An unstocked shop can have damaging repercussions for businesses, so make sure your shop floor and store room are always brimming with backstock. Maximise interest in particular products by showing them off on the shop floor alongside a point of sale display unit and position best-sellers on the aisles as well as in cardboard dump bins at the till-point.

DON’T keep dead stock

Loyal customers will keep coming back for more, so make sure that you have something new to offer them each time – as well as staying stocked with popular products. To keep an eye on what’s selling well and what is essentially dead stock, make sure you’re regularly carrying out stock audits – and adjust the order to suppliers accordingly. If something just won’t sell, it’s time to get rid and use the space for stock that will. Create a ‘bargain bucket’ by placing your dead stock in customised dump bins – where your customers won’t be able to resist an eye-catching promotion!

DO appeal to impulse-buyers

impulse buyer

Persuading a customer to increase their in-store spend can make all the difference to your profit margins, but how? Positioning similar products next to each other – such as a dump bin full of batteries next to the display for a battery-operated gadget – will prompt the consumer to impulsively pick up those extra items due to the convenience factor. Likewise, appeal to the impulse buyer as they queue for the till-point. Dump bins for shops are perfect here, as they can persuade the customer to pick up something they never even knew they needed.

DON’T underestimate social media

In an age where we seem to document every aspect of our lives on social networks, it’s no surprise that the world of retail is heading online to join us. Forget the 9-5 store opening hours, social media has opened up a whole new opportunity to access customers 24/7. A Twitter account and Facebook page are must-haves for any business owner – as this free form of publicity serves as a platform for you to engage with clients and show off your excellent customer service. Dedicate time to deal with any customer-complaints and interact with social-media users. Spread the word about your competitive deals through unique hashtags and watch as your social media presence increases footfall to your store.

There’s no denying the power of a clean and well-stocked store. Making sure your store is somewhere that a consumer wants to shop is the key to creating a loyal customer base, and offering a wide variation of products will keep them coming back for more. What are you waiting for? Show off your stunning product-range with dump bins for retail and see those extra sales start rolling in!

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