Retail Displays: the Anatomy of a Well-Merchandised Store
The Anatomy of a Well-Merchandised Retail Store

The Anatomy of a Well-Merchandised Retail Store

As any retailer will know, successful sales are, more often than not, the result of effective store merchandising. Designing a store layout with the consumer in mind can have a dramatic impact on buying decisions, which is why retailers are dedicating so much time to their in-store advertising strategies.

Today, we’re getting back to basics as we take a look at the anatomy of a properly merchandised retail environment. We’ll be breaking down each major section of a typical store and giving you all the information you’ll need to implement a variety of retail display solutions for best results. That way, you can give your in-store sales a welcome boost this season and enjoy increased revenue all year round.

The shop front

Whether you’re based on a busy high street or nestled amongst competitors in a shopping centre, attracting passers-by into your store is the crucial first step towards encouraging in-store sales. Grabbing attention at the entrance point to the store with bollard covers gives shoppers an incentive to venture inside, and an iconic window cling is sure to help you stand out from nearby competitors – making your shop window the most memorable on the street.

The ceilings

Whether your business operates in a modest retail environment or is used to accommodating high levels of footfall, retailers of all sizes and across all sectors are all too familiar with the need to save space on the shop floor. There’s no denying the potential of eye-level advertisements, but it’s important to properly utilise the ceiling space at your disposal.

Suspended from the ceiling, hanging signs offer an opportunity to save valuable floor space and can easily catch shoppers’ eyes as they move through the store. Whether it’s to promote a seasonal sale or guide the customer on their in-store journey, a high-quality hanging sign will command attention from any point on the shop floor.

The shelf space


Whether shoppers are on a mission to buy or start out window shopping, it’s important to remember that the majority of buying decisions are made at this point of the customer journey. As consumers browse your shelves, this is your ultimate opportunity to persuade them to pick products up. To increase each customer’s spend-per-visit, opt for shelf wobblers designed to draw attention to key products and exclusive offers at eye level.

These compact, easy-to-install retail signs are perfect for promoting your multi-buy deals and prompting consumers to keep on spending – and with the addition of a QR code, you can even provide additional information for shoppers suitably equipped and ready to learn more.

The route to checkout

Customers may be well on their way to securing a purchase, but that’s not to say it’s the end of the road for your retail merchandising efforts. Expert merchandisers take a proactive approach to product advertising, right the way to the point of sale – and by optimising this last critical phase in the customer journey, you can take full advantage of the impulse purchase effect.

Drawing attention to impulse purchases makes it easy to encourage customers to increase their in-store spend – and this strategy is made simple when you position high-quality dump bins at the end of aisles and next to the checkout. An FSDU is the ideal solution for an impactful point of sale display, as it’s designed to house irresistible products that customers can’t help but pick up on their way to the till. The versatility of cardboard FSDUs makes them the ultimate storage and display unit, and their fully-customisable design offers endless opportunities for retailers interested in making a big brand impact.

The point of sale

As the customer completes their transaction, retailers are given a final opportunity to increase each shopper’s in-store spend. Encourage additional purchases at the last minute with well-positioned tent cards – as well as training staff to upsell on related products.

Put your sales message right in your customer’s eyeline and take this last chance to promote any additional offers or services. From encouraging repeat business to persuading customers to add more products to their current order, POS displays are an incredibly effective way to maximise what shoppers spend each time they visit your store.

Each section of the customer journey plays a significant role in motivating the consumer to keep on spending, which means in-store marketing strategies must be consistent throughout your retail environment. Utilise these effective merchandising techniques in your store by ordering impactful retail display materials from, and you’ll soon see product sales pick up.

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