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Quad Posters: Buyer’s Guide

Quad Posters: Buyer’s Guide

When it comes to making your store or brand stand out, it’s eye-catching and cost-effective quad posters that will ensure that passers-by are unable to ignore your most current marketing messages.

From advertising an upcoming sale to imprinting your brand on the minds of consumers, a custom-made poster can help sales soar, whatever the sector. That’s why today, we’re giving you the breakdown on how to work your quads. From looking at what makes a custom quad poster so unique to exploring where, why and how to use them, our informative buyer’s guide will leave you feeling confident in implementing business posters into your new marketing strategy.

What is a quad poster?

Typically used to promote and advertise the release of films, a quad poster is a 40×30″ poster used to create a striking large format display. Printed in high definition using UV inks on 170gsm silk poster material, our fully-customisable posters guarantee the highest quality every time.

Why should I use quad posters in my marketing?

It’s the sheer size of a 40×30” print poster which has led to these quad posters becoming a firm favourite in the film industry. Commanding the attention of passers-by from the cinema foyer, impactful quad posters throw everything from latest releases to the much-loved classics into the spotlight – but that’s not to say that quad posters should be limited to films. From eye-catching retail display posters to iconic visuals in the hospitality sector, print posters are a value-for-money solution for grabbing the attention of potential clients.

Where can I use quad posters?

While quad posters may be most commonly known for debuting films, these 40×30” print posters are a cost-effective way to make an impact in a whole host of industries. From retail environments to experiential marketing campaigns, making an impact in a big way couldn’t be easier with these customisable quality prints.

  • Film: Quad posters are most well known as the classic prints which line collectors’ walls, and that’s because this particular style of poster has been used to advertise the latest releases throughout the history of British cinema. A staple in every UK picturehouse, quad posters are a must-have for enticing the public to catch the latest film release
  • Retail: Whether it’s on the busy high street or within a well merchandised store, making an impact is crucial in the world of retail – and that’s why so many store managers invest in large-scale retail posters. From advertising the latest fashion trends to drawing attention to an upcoming promotional event, cladding the walls in high quality prints means customers won’t be able to miss seeing your marketing messages – and versatile sale posters for retail purposes are easy to display in almost every section of the store
  • Hospitality: From cafés to cocktail bars, high competition in the hospitality industry means that it’s crucial that store managers are continually finding new ways to implement impactful merchandising techniques into their store – and low-cost sale posters and signs are guaranteed to do just the trick. Whether it’s to advertise special offers or promote an upcoming supper club, an unmissable 40×30” print will capture the attention of diners throughout the establishment – so you will soon see a spike in in-store sales
  • Events: Trade shows, corporate functions and in-store events are well known for their bustling atmosphere, and that’s why displaying iconic imagery and clear marketing messages is so important for these purposes. From encouraging passers-by to take a closer look at your exhibit to using these high quality prints as a supporting display for a live product demo, a large scale sale poster will always ensure the success of your latest campaign

Customising your quad posters

At shop4pop.com, we make it our business to deliver the highest quality prints at the most competitive price, which is why easy-to-display quad posters are such a viable choice for almost any sector. From sale posters for shops to custom-made cinema prints, the high definition of each poster means we can guarantee quality every time. Whether you have a design in mind or are in need of some inspiration for the artwork, our team will always be happy to help.

30×40” sale posters are a high-quality and cost-effective solution to any marketing campaign, so make sure that your business gets noticed by ordering your iconic quad prints online with shop4pop.com. So what are you waiting for? Customise your quad posters online today, or give us a call on 0191 419 8655 to see what we can do for you.

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