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Quad Poster Placement: What You Need to Know

Quad Poster Placement: What You Need to Know

Sale posters are a cost-effective solution for optimising in-store retail merchandising opportunities, giving retailers the chance to create relevant marketing material to suit everything from seasonal sales to upcoming one-off events. From store windows to behind the point of sale, these customisable prints can be displayed throughout the store to convey key sales messages to consumers and encourage additional in-store spending.

Whether it’s directing customers in and around the store or drawing attention to limited time only deals, quad posters not only ensure a seamless shopping experience but can also transform your store’s sales revenue. While there’s no doubt that eye-catching visuals are crucial for these retail displays, it’s the prominent placement of these posters that will maximise their success. That’s why today, we’re bringing you all the need to knows for positioning your prints – so you can feel the full benefit from your retail posters.

Choosing the size of your quad posters

Size will always matter when it comes to your retail posters, and with the price tag going hand in hand with the scale of the print, it’s important to consider the purpose of your posters first. A 40×30” sale poster will command the attention of passers-by, whereas a smaller sized poster will concisely communicate the key information for an upcoming event – potentially making them more preferable for a short term display. When choosing your posters, consider the availability of wall space prior to placing your order, as several carefully selected quad posters will command more attention than a busy wall that’s overwhelmed with visuals.

Where to place your retail posters

The purpose of the poster is likely to affect the location of your print, so retail posters conveying the most crucial marketing messages should always be positioned in the most prominent places in your store. Quad posters advertising special offers will draw consumers through the door, so maximise in-store footfall by adding these prints to your window display.

Once shoppers have set foot inside the store, retailers will be looking to promote their different ranges of stock, so ensure that your walls are clad with impactful visuals that show off your products in their best light. At the point of sale, the space behind the till area is often missed as an advertising opportunity, so make sure that you appeal to impulse buyers by communicating the persuasive sales messages which promote buying your last-minute bargains.

Advertising a new line or upcoming sale

Whether it’s this season’s new arrivals or you’re showcasing a new brand in your store, making your customers aware of what you sell is vital for shifting the latest product lines. From clothing to technology, investing in high quality posters that show off your stock will encourage consumers to keep on exploring what’s on offer as they make their way around the store. In the same way, sale posters for retail purposes can be displayed on the walls to encourage consumers to browse through last season’s leftover stock – so you can transform your deadstock into sales revenue.

Attracting attention to themed stock

From much loved film merchandise to seasonally-inspired stock, merchandising product lines according to a particular theme will leave shoppers unable to resist taking a look at your in-store display. Themed arrangements will always attract attention and can often generate a high volume of sales in the short term, so maximise interest by investing in low-cost retail posters and your store could soon be capitalising on the latest craze. By temporarily positioning these posters near to your themed merchandise, children and adults alike will be tempted to explore all that your display has to offer – increasing the likelihood that they’ll add extra products to their shopping basket.

When it comes to displaying iconic quad posters, it’s important for retailers to grab the attention of shoppers without overloading them with too many sales messages. Less is often more in visual merchandising, which is why well-designed 40×30” sale posters for shops are so effective – and the high standard of each print means that you needn’t compromise on quality or value.

Ready to make a big impact in return for a small investment? Choose your desired size online and customise your sale posters with shop4pop.com!

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