6 Psychological Triggers that Make Customers Buy
6 Psychological Triggers that Make Customers Buy

6 Psychological Triggers that Make Customers Buy

Sales are a science. Whether you’re launching a new product, pushing a seasonal promotion or preparing for a closing down sale, if you’re looking for ways to drive customer spend in a meaningful way, you’ve got psychology on your side.

Emotions play a central role in your customers’ buying decisions, and you can access these through the art of professionally designed point of sale displays, a strategic store layout and, of course, carefully chosen copy. But the first step is to understand which emotional triggers are the most powerful and exactly how they influence in-store purchases.

Find the psychological triggers that work for your store and watch sales skyrocket.

6 Psychological Triggers that Make Customers Buy - FEAR

“If I don’t buy now, I’ll regret it.”

Fear is a primal emotion that has a dramatic impact on our everyday lives, playing a large part in the decisions we make and, particularly, the things we buy. Fear triggers can be used in a diverse range of product promotions to great effect – with brands offering their customers comfort, safety or relief. If your product is designed to alleviate a sense of worry or provide protection against an otherwise stressful scenario, fear is the emotion you’ll need to evoke in order to encourage purchases.

6 Psychological Triggers that Make Customers Buy - VALUE

“I won’t find a better deal elsewhere.”

It goes without saying that every shopper’s top priority is to find a good deal. The concept of value can prove highly effective in terms of enticing customers (and can succeed in helping you to secure loyal customers, once they know they can count on you for a bargain). Price match guarantees and competitive reductions are an ideal way to appeal to a customer’s appetite for value – demonstrating that you’re interested in saving them money, while still providing a reliable, high quality product.

6 Psychological Triggers that Make Customers Buy - TRUST

“This brand has my best interests at heart.”

Customer loyalty relies heavily on a sense of trust. Offering genuine value and complete transparency will leave shoppers confident in your brand and comfortable with handing over their hard-earned money. This what-you-see-is-what-you-get approach to product merchandising has helped businesses across a diverse range of sectors take their market by storm, as forward-thinking stores distance themselves from misleading offers and fine print practices.

6 Psychological Triggers that Make Customers Buy - COMPETITION

“People will envy me if I buy this.”

The need to compete or keep up with our peers is an intrinsic part of human nature – and many marketing campaigns succeed in driving sales by positioning their product as something other people will covet, or wish they’d been the first to buy. Ad copy that revolves around this idea of keeping up with the Joneses triggers competitive feelings and encourages impulsive purchases on the basis of not wanting to fall behind the trend.

6 Psychological Triggers that Make Customers Buy - LEADERSHIP

“If I buy this first, I’ll look smart.”

Some shoppers are fuelled by a desire to lead the way. This longing to be seen as an innovator, pioneer or trendsetter is an incredibly powerful tool retailers can use to allow customers to feel like a leader as a result of buying their product. Sales messages that evoke this idea of being first, or being cleverer or more discerning than other shoppers, can have a considerable impact on in-store sales – especially if your product offers something out of the ordinary.

6 Psychological Triggers that Make Customers Buy - INSTANT GRATIFICATION

“This might be my only chance to buy.”

Convenience is key in the world of retail, and can give your store the edge it needs to outperform competitors. Giving customers what they want without the wait is crucial in an age where instant gratification rules every aspect of our lives – and sales messages that illustrate a sense of urgency will help you to harness this effective motivator.

Branded dump bins and other free-standing display units (FSDUs) exist to facilitate impulse purchases, making them an essential part of any strategy based on instant gratification.

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The foundation of any successful, emotional product promotion is a true understanding of your customer base and the impulses that drive them. Your sales approach can only succeed when it’s aligned with how your customers think and behave – so take the time to hone in on what makes them tick, empowering you to create an informed strategy designed to succeed in your sector.

Whether you want to keep up with the competition, pave the way in your sector or avoid missing out on an increased sales performance, state-of-the-art POP displays are a great place to start. Competitive prices, customisable design templates and free delivery within 5 working days – what are you waiting for?

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