5 Product Types Perfect for Dump Bins
5 Product Types Perfect for Your Dump Bins

5 Product Types Perfect for Your Dump Bins

The humble dump bin is an important part of any in-store merchandising toolkit. This free-standing display solution is utilised by retailers across the globe, in a diverse range of competitive sectors – in the hope of encouraging additional purchases as customers make their way to the all-important point of sale.

If you’re interested in the lucrative benefits that dump bins can bring to your store, we can help you crack the formula for increased spend-per-visit. From sweets and crisps to seasonal merchandise, here are some of the key product ranges destined for life inside a dump bin. But don’t worry – they won’t be there for long.

Dump Bin Products - Confectionery


Display units like these are ideal for housing small, loose products – and this is particularly true when it comes to food. Individually wrapped products, such as chocolate bars, packets of crisps and bags of sweets, are ideal for dump bins – enticing customers to grab a last-minute pick-me-up on their path to the point of sale. Plus, the fact that they’re packaged individually means they’re unlikely to be damaged when customers dig around for the product they want.


Inexpensive everyday essentials, such as tubes of toothpaste and cans of deodorant, are right at home in dump bins. They can be displayed loosely without any risk to the product, and they’re a classic impulse purchase: cheap enough not to warrant a second thought and important enough to make the cut. Displaying toiletries in a dump bin allows you to save precious shelf space and promote these products at key points throughout your store.

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More often than not, convenience is a customer’s top priority – and if you can make every shopping experience as swift and satisfying as possible, you’ll stand a far greater chance of securing loyal and returning customers. From soft toys to bouncy balls, these playthings are another great way to fill your dump bins – helping parents and younger shoppers find what they want when they want it, and add a little something extra to their basket before they complete their purchase.


Speed is a crucial factor when it comes to the morning commute, making it essential for retailers to remove any obstacles that could get in the way of a quick and uncomplicated transaction. Newspapers and magazines are popular with commuters, offering something they can pick up fast on their way to work – and placing a well-stocked dump bin right by the checkout can help your customers streamline their early morning shop.

Seasonal products

Peak sales periods, such as Christmastime and the summer holidays, offer retailers an opportunity to dramatically increase their revenue for the duration of the season. Fill your dump bins with fast-moving seasonal items like sunscreen, sunglasses and travel adaptors in the summertime. Likewise, adapt the range of products on offer to suit your Christmas merchandising strategy. This will encourage customers to spend more in your store during this limited window – and don’t forget to capitalise on major cultural and sporting events by packing a dump bin or two with relevant and timely merch.

Dump Bin Products - Seasonal Products

From confectionery purchases to media consumption, dump bins provide an effective vehicle for increased and accelerated sales. Whatever kind of retail environment you’re operating in, a customer-conscious approach to product merchandising will mean your FSDUs are never full for long.

With shop4pop, you can find, design and buy state-of-the-art dump bins for shops – offering a powerful and affordable display solution you can use to promote key products throughout your store.

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