Printed Literature and Leaflet Stands: Buyer’s Guide |
Printed Literature and Leaflet Stands: Buyer’s Guide

Printed Literature and Leaflet Stands: Buyer’s Guide

The development of technology may have meant the population has made the move online, but that doesn’t change the fact that print is here to stay. The invention of tablets and ebooks was intended to change the way we read, but with the majority of us preferring a hard copy, printed literature is maintaining its popularity.

In today’s post, we’re taking a look at how printed literature works in the retail sector, as we bring you our comprehensive buyer’s guide on everything from flyers to all-important leaflet stands. At, we’re experts in retail merchandising, so from choosing the size and style to customising the layout to suit your store, rest assured that we’re here to help every step of the way. So if you’re ready to stand out from the crowd and see your sales skyrocket, read on!

Why is printed literature so important for retailers?

Spreading the word is vital in marketing, which is why low-cost flyers are such a popular choice for retailers. The power of word of mouth and a social media presence is unprecedented, but distributing printed leaflets that feature your brand identity is just as important. By filling leaflet display holders with your branded flyers and encouraging passing shoppers to pick them up, you’ll be able to build a more recognisable brand name that resonates with your clientele. The more a consumer sees a logo, the more likely they are to become aware of your brand and enter into a loyal relationship – so persuade busy passers-by to take your printed literature away with them to read at a later date.

When should you use printed literature?

business card stands

Printed literature is the perfect way to spread the word and get your brand’s name into potential clients’ homes. This low-cost form of marketing couldn’t be more simple, but when should you opt for print? We recommend always ensuring that you have branded business cards available in an in-store literature stand, as well as investing in customised flyers for the following four marketing strategies:

  • Advertising upcoming events: whether it’s for a pop-up shop or an in-store event to attract more customers through your doors, the successful execution of your plans goes hand in hand with ensuring that you’ve invited enough people. Whatever the occasion, let everyone know what’s going on by placing leaflet display stands at the till-point and taking the time to distribute flyers outside your store
  • Coupons and customer discounts: customers love the feeling of bagging a bargain, which is why discounting is such a fantastic merchandising technique for retailers looking to increase in-store spends. Keep in mind that the lowered price can mean a loss of profit, so think about offering money-off coupons to your more loyal customers, as this will help you increase sales in other ways. Place coupon booklets in a leaflet holder at till points to reward those making a purchase. By feeding their need to bag a bargain, you can rest assured that consumers will be back for more in no time
  • Promoting sales: to avoid the loss of profits from price cuts and special offers, it’s important that you increase the number of sales going through the till. That means getting more potential buyers through the door – so don’t be afraid to promote your sales. Iconic quad posters, sale signs and flyers are all ways of spreading the word and enticing customers into your store, so invest in high-quality leaflets and distribute them around town
  • Building brand awareness for new products: whether you’re stocking a new brand or have added a new product to your shelves, it’s important to let your customers know. They may have previously been buying the same brand from a different store, so persuade them to purchase from you by making them aware that you are an official stockist. The same goes for products that are brand new to the market. We’re a nation that loves innovation, so share the news that your store is up-to-date with all of the latest trends

How should you distribute your leaflets?

While many retailers dedicate time to distributing flyers outside of their store, it’s important to consider the legalities. Wherever you choose to do your flyering, make sure you have permission from the responsible authority first. It’s also crucial that you consider whether this form of distribution will be targeting the right demographic. Advertising your store to an irrelevant audience is a waste of both time and money, so avoid this at all costs. Handing out leaflets in-store or placing literature in a leaflet display stand at the till-point means you’ll be reaching a far more appropriate customer-base – which means you’re more likely to see a greater conversion rate thanks to your leaflet display.

When it comes to printing, we mean business. Our expertise in point of purchase displays and big brand printing means that we understand your need for only the highest-quality products at the fairest price. So whether it’s an A4 leaflet holder or a smaller counter-top flyer dispenser, customising your leaflet stand to match the design of the flyer adds a new level of professionalism – and it couldn’t be easier to create with

You’ll never miss an advertising opportunity with, as all of our products are fully-customisable with either your own artwork or a pre-made template. Ready to spread the word about your business? Whether you’ve got an upcoming sale or are putting brand new product onto your shelves, share your exciting news with printed flyers and literature stands. What are you waiting for? Get started by customising your ultimate call to action today!

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