Print Advertising: A Guide to Using Quad Posters |
Print Advertising: A Guide to Using Quad Posters

Print Advertising: A Guide to Using Quad Posters

From iconic film posters to enticing billboards, we’re surrounded by intriguing print campaigns – and for both fledgling businesses and established companies, print can mean big business.

Today, we’re putting print advertising under the microscope – looking at everything from customised flyers to sale posters – and bringing you tips on how to use the power of print to capture the attention of your target audience.

What is print advertising?

The term ‘print advertising’ covers a variety of industries. From the quad posters you see adorning cinema entrances to the adverts decorating the backs of buses, whether we realise it or not, print advertising is all around us.

While the last few years have seen a continued shift towards digital marketing, with many businesses now trading almost entirely online, printed products allow companies to use physical promotional materials to advertise their services and connect with their audience. So, whether you’re an ambitious SME or a corporate giant, if it’s professional trade printing you’re looking for, we can help.

Successful print advertising campaigns

Over the years, there have been an incredible number of hugely successful print advertising campaigns – and businesses of all sizes and across all industries can learn from their triumphs. From Scrabble’s squirrel and fox advert and the playful M&M’s keyboard print ad to IKEA’s clever stories and McDonald’s various print ads, everyone from the gaming industry to the food and drink sector is harnessing the power of print – and you can, too.

When launching a new campaign or planning a series of quad poster designs, think about what makes your business different. Are you controversial? Do you work in a particular niche or are you more mainstream? Wherever you find yourself, set aside some time to work on an advertising campaign that will make your audience look twice and get them talking.

Where is print advertising most effective?


For a marketeer, just about anywhere can become advertising space. Whether it’s the back of a bus or a huge high street billboard, you only have to walk down the road to uncover a world of opportunity – and if you’re looking for more low-cost marketing opportunities, can help.

With eye-catching flyers and customised tent cards proudly displaying your business’s branding, you can begin thinking outside the box with your marketing ideas. From getting noticed at festivals to advertising a flash sale, print posters can be adapted to suit your business and any particular event you’re promoting – meaning you don’t have to spend big money to see great returns.

Why does print still work?

We might be a generation that spends a huge proportion of our days online, but that doesn’t mean physical advertising no longer has the power to pack a punch. Print adverts can normalise your business, strengthen your brand and make it more accessible to your target audience – encouraging them to convert into customers.

Whether it’s an impactful tagline or an image that can’t be ignored, there’s still plenty of mileage in print advertising. From in-store leaflets to café menus, printed literature is all around us – and alerting your audience to what you can do for them will bring you one step closer to driving sales. Our literature stands and counter top units are designed to do just that – and whether you have a style ready to upload or want to choose from one of our premade designs, we can find a solution that works for you.

Ready to find the perfect quad poster for your business? Get in touch today! Our team can’t wait to help you design print posters that will get you noticed.

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