Using POS to uplift your January Blues |

Using POS to uplift your January Blues

It is without saying that January is one of the colder months of the year, not only in weather but also in the growth of retail sales across the UK. After the Christmas spending splurge, it is clear that a lot of consumers reel back in for a long January and refrain from spending and focus on the necessities.

In 2017, UK retail sales had a horrible month in January, with retail sales dropping by 0.3% according to the Office for National Statistics. It will be interesting to gather the data from 2018 to see how they compare with each other.

Here are a few tips on how POS can increase your sales in the month of January and throughout the year.

1. Attract the impulse buyers

According to statista, consumers are more likely to impulse purchase a product whilst shopping on the high street rather than online. With 35% of consumers impulse buying this is creating a window for retailers to maximise their sales during the colder periods. Of course, different times of year creates a different type of impulse. Take for example Valentine’s Day, often consumers will buy on impulse a gift for their loved one on impulse.

To create an impulse purchase using your POS, make sure that your POS is appropriately designed and attractive enough to gain the attention of your consumers. For example, start marketing your products to the valentine’s day buyer, create a display that says, ‘I love you’. The average spend on an impulse purchase is £33.88, with nearly 1 in 5 people impulse purchasing on a daily basis. Our counter top units are a great way to create interest at your till points, displaying the product in an orderly fashion, the customer is able to see the different types of products you have to display. Our largest Counter Display Unit offers 2 tiers of shelf space. This is a great unit for displaying numerous smaller products over a compact footprint.

2. Effective marketing messages

My biggest bug bare is getting to the till and realising that the two cans of deodorant I have in my hand is 3 for 2. Sure, I don’t have 3 sets of arm pits, but if they are £2 each and I’m getting one for 3 then I may as well!

Using effective marketing messages that make consumers aware that if they purchase more they could be saving more! Using our shelf wobblers and hanging signs are a great way to command attention and connect with your consumers.

With POP display messages, less is more. Therefore, it is vital to pick fonts carefully and keep the messages short. Well-formulated sales messages can call shoppers to action while highlighting specific features and offers of the product.

3. Use of QR codes on your POS

Does your business have omni-channels? Market your online website with QR codes distributed across your stores on units.

Most consumers have a smartphone, meaning they are able to scan QR codes and access the content that it links to.

Using call to actions will drive the traffic to your online store, where you can offer discount codes for first time buyers. Or even a loyalty programme. Another way to make use of your point of purchase display is to offer a discount code for users who scan the unit.

Create QR codes and link them to your website. You can make them here: Also try ours below.

Shop4Pop QR Code

4. Use bargain bins for the quick sale

In today’s economy, almost everyone is looking for a bargain. Using bargain bins is ideal for smaller products and larger products! We have a range of dump bins to fit your every need.

Top tip – position your dump bins next to your check out with enticing offers and bargains.

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