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POS Displays: The Material Breakdown

POS Displays: The Material Breakdown

As any retailer will know, it’s a well merchandised in-store layout that will have the most significant effect on the success of a store. From enticing passers-by to set foot inside the doors to appealing to the desires of impulse buyers, highlighting product promotions and key sales messages with retail display solutions can be responsible for dramatically boosting store profits.

Encouraging consumers to increase their average in-store spend-per-visit can be what differentiates a successful store from the rest of the high street, which is why eye-catching point of sale displays are so important. From dump bins to counter top units, there is no shortage of customisable POS display options to suit each and every type of store promotion – which is why we’re taking a closer look at the most popular POS displays.

In today’s blog post, our comprehensive guide covers everything from the importance of positioning to the materials themselves – so you can feel confident when assembling your new easy-to-use point of sale displays.

Dump bins

Most commonly used for displaying large volumes of promotional products and easy to shift items, dump bins are a space-saving solution that will undoubtedly appeal to impulsive shoppers as they make their way to the point of sale. Available in a hexagonal and square format, each customisable design is directly printed onto our EB flute board dump bins in UV inks with the high resolution HP11000 or Durst Rho P10.

Whether it’s for a seasonal sales push or to increase spend-per-visits throughout the year, easy-to-assemble dump bins are both sturdy and long-lasting – making these POS displays a practical and cost-effective choice for retailers. From displaying the latest front pages to promoting seasonal confectionary, the eye-catching design of a dump bin will distract consumers from any potential queues at the point of sale, and encourage them to keep on spending.

Counter top units

From pushing smaller-sized impulse purchases to ensuring that any in-store literature is kept organised, a branded counter top unit will enhance the point of sale and ensure that the customer experiences a seamless sales transaction. Made from either B or E flute board, each of our counter top units are printed in high resolution using high quality inks – ensuring the highest standard of quality for each of our easy to assemble counter top stands.

Hanging signs

Overhead space is one of the most unutilised spaces in a store, which is why so many retailers are turning their attention to hanging signs. Made from 1000Mic display board, retail hanging signs are suspended from the ceiling with an extendable spring and rotating ceiling hooks, conveying key and current marketing messages to the consumer as they make their way towards the exit.


Made from sturdy EB flute board, easy-to-assemble, free-standing display units offer retailers the chance to push key products in and around the point of sale. While they’re both lightweight and portable, the strength of an FSDU makes it possible to display significant quantities of stock – meaning it’s a convenient way for retailers to highlight the USP of a particular product line.

Each of our FSDUs are printed in high definition with high quality inks, and with the ability to customise everything from the artwork to the size and number of shelves, it couldn’t be easier to create an eye-catching FSDU that’s orientated towards a particular product or brand.

From paperback books to lipsticks, positioning an eye-catching FSDU on prominent routes to the point of sale will mean customers are unable to resist adding your special offers to their baskets – and our competitive prices mean you can invest in a display to suit each upcoming promotion.


With our custom-made posters available in range of sizes – such as A3-A0, 60×40” and 30×20”, it couldn’t be easier to advertise an offer or upcoming event with our cost-effective posters. Printed in high definition with high quality inks on 70gsm silk poster material, the eye-catching design of a professionally printed poster will keep consumers engaged as they head towards the point of sale.

Whether your poster is promoting a one-off event or an in-store sale in the near future, attracting attention with impactful visuals will encourage repeat business from current customers in the future.

Show cards

Available in sizes from A5 to A2, countertop show cards are a cost-effective way to position marketing messages directly in the consumer eyeline. Printed onto robust 2mm display board, these free-standing cards are supported by a perpendicular strut on the reverse.

Traditionally placed next to associated products as well as on the till countertop, advertising exclusive offers at the point of sale means retailers can appeal to impulse buyers, as well as ensuring that shoppers are unable to forget about the excellent deals that are available in your store.

While iconic window displays and word of mouth marketing will draw consumers into a store, it’s maximising sales opportunity at the point of sale which will significantly boost a store’s overall profits – and with our POS material breakdown you can feel confident in your POS merchandising decisions.

Now you’re an expert in the different kinds of point of sale materials, it’s time to choose which easy-to-assemble displays you’ll invest in this season. Browse our collection online, and when you’re ready, simply customise your design with the artwork that suits you!

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