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POS Displays: How to Make Blockbuster Cinema Sales

POS Displays: How to Make Blockbuster Cinema Sales

The rise of the digital era has certainly changed the face of cinema, but with film-goers turning up to watch the latest release time after time, there’s no doubt that a visit to the cinema continues to appeal to film lovers. Whether it’s an indie film or a world-famous blockbuster, the key to cinema success is the film promotion – and that includes the merchandise that comes with it.

From eye-catching quad posters advertising film releases to up-selling at the refreshment kiosk, it couldn’t be easier to increase cinema sales. In today’s post, we’re giving you the know-how on how point of sale stands can encourage spending, so you can transform your profit margins and head towards a blockbuster success!

Go large with deals

Up-selling is key in the hospitality sector, and any cinema-goer will be familiar with the phrase ‘do you want to go large?’ Persuading each customer to increase their overall spend in exchange for a larger product is one of the most effective sales techniques, so make sure this is available in your cinema.

For maximum impact, don’t be afraid to show off your special offers. Invest in overhead hanging signs and let customers know about the great deals they’ll get for those extra pennies. These eye-catching point of sale displays will inform the customer, and give them all the persuasion they need to ‘go large’.

Appeal to the impulse buyer

The ticket queue is part of the cinema experience, so utilise this as an opportunity for increasing spending habits. From confectionary to relevant film merchandise, showing off your products with eye-catching retail display stands is the perfect way to keep your customers entertained while they queue. A customised POP display will remind consumers about the array of refreshments on offer and appeal to any impulsive buyers who can’t resist an amazing deal.

Highlight any upcoming releases

As film-goers pick up tickets in the foyer, make the most of the space with point of sale materials to encourage repeat business. Investing in striking quad posters means you can alert passers-by to any upcoming releases and prompt customers to return to your cinema in the future. As well as showing off the wide range of genres on your cinema listing, an impactful film poster will shine a spotlight on the blockbusters that are coming to your screens soon!

The film industry is extremely competitive, making repeat business and additional in-store spending vital for cinemas. For blockbuster profit margins, encourage your customers to keep on spending with POS display stands and attention demanding quad posters.

For an impactful point of purchase display that’s sure to wow, make sure you choose shop4pop.com. Our commitment to high quality printing means your customisable POS display will look magnificent in the foyer, so your cinema can truly stand out from the crowd. Order your point of sale display online today, and your sales will soon be shining in the spotlight!

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