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How to Use POS Displays to Appeal to Millennials

How to Use POS Displays to Appeal to Millennials

Millennials as a group are one of the biggest and most influential consumer-groups around. As the baby-boomers age, it’s the recession generation – dubbed as digital addicts – who are dominating the purchasing decisions of retail buyers and brand marketers.

In today’s post, we’re taking a look at how retailers can successfully appeal to the millennial consciousness in the most up-to-date forms of marketing. From hi-tech, interactive self-service checkouts to immersive point of sale displays, ensuring your store is in sync with the digitalised Generation Y is sure to have a dramatic impact on sales.

1. Augmented reality: virtual fitting rooms

virtual reality

The unprecedented success of Pokémon Go means more and more retailers are being influenced by the principles of this global phenomenon. The game, that blurs the boundaries between reality and virtuality, has led to marketing campaigns taking a turn towards the creation of immersive environments through multi-sensory technology. The fashion space appears to be the latest industry to get on board, with virtual fitting rooms proving popular.

By allowing a virtual mannequin to adapt its shape depending on the consumer’s measurements or by superimposing the garment onto a live feed of the consumer, retailers can use an augmented reality to persuade customers to make a purchase online. Adidas’ interactive virtual window display employs similar concepts, demonstrating that using innovative technology in an immersive point of sale display can make a direct impact on the number of sale conversions.

2. Keep up with growing trends

With each growing trend comes a whole new selection of branded merchandise – and the customers are loving it. Whether it’s an upcoming event or an iconic film character, getting on board with the latest craze can mean a dramatic increase of sales for retailers.

As with any passing craze, it’s important to remember that the nation’s fixation may well be short-lived, so make an instant impact with customised POS display stands. New brands are popping up almost daily, so make your target audience aware that you’re a stockist of the newest product range with prominently placed point of sale stands.

3. Make your #socialmedia voice heard

With reports suggesting that the newest generation are spending an average of 25 hours per week on the small screen, it’s no surprise that businesses are logging onto the social network in a bid to get 24/7 access to the market. Cultivating a prominent social media presence is becoming one of the easiest – and most impactful – forms of marketing in the digital age so dedicating time to your online page is vital.

Don’t just spread the word online though, encourage social networkers to get involved with your social media pages in-store at the point of purchase. Train sales advisors to ask for email addresses as a way of collecting the consumer’s online details, or opt for a counter-top POP display that displays your social details and is sure to increase the number of clients following your online activity.

4. Cloud-based POS systems

POS displays

With many millennials seeming happier to place their trust in technology rather than sales advisors, it’s clear that any successful retailer must be up-to-date with the latest hi-tech equipment. While cash registers may have been an iconic store must-have in the past, the world of retail is turning towards disguising its commercial campaigns.

With apps on iPads replacing the need for a till, these modern sales systems are creating one of the coolest and and contemporary aesthetics at the point of sale. The cloud-based software is capable of creating an ecommerce site too, as well as managing both the online and offline inventory.

5. Integrate your online site with in-store activity

While stores may be extending their opening hours, it’s the ability to shop 24/7 which makes an online purchase so appealing. With many retailers opting for the development of an online website before setting up their physical store, it’s clear that integrating online with offline is paramount for any 21st century business.

From investing in in-store tablets to access the online site to encouraging customers to head online via their smartphones, it’s all about making consumers aware that they can access your products at any time. Set up free in-store WiFi and share the word by advertising your website with prominently placed point of sale materials. From eye-catching quad posters to counter-top show cards, customers won’t be able to resist logging on.

Are you ready to appeal to the millennial consciousness and boost your store’s sales? Customise your own eye-catching point of purchase display with shop4pop.com. We never compromise on the high-quality of our products, meaning we’ll only deliver the best retail display stands at the most reasonable prices. Get started now by taking a look at our stunning range of POS display products and get excited about boosting your business with the buyers of tomorrow.

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