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Point of Sale: Materials and Marketing

Point of Sale: Materials and Marketing

Point of sale displays (or POS displays) can be an effective and impactful way of upselling to customers and increasing their spend-per-visit. When implemented correctly, a POS marketing strategy can be used to brand build, impress customers and ultimately increase sales.

Today, we’re looking at what goes into establishing and nurturing effective POS displays and how this can be tailored to a variety of industries.

POS display stands: how and why?

Point of sale materials and marketing

Moving customers through the sales funnel can be a hugely profitable way of increasing sales – but from your promotions to your point of sale stands, you need to make sure you’re offering customers things they’re actually interested in.

The till point is the most valuable high traffic area in your store – and as such, is the perfect place for customers to add a last minute bargain to their basket. Some stores use tactics like offering customers a discount or special promotion on another product when they spend over a certain amount. This is doubly effective – as it not only makes particular customers feel like they are getting something special, it also encourages them to spend money on a product they might not have otherwise considered buying.

There are a number of ways to boost sales at the till point – and many of them involve a creative approach. From branded till dividers that can change with special promotions and seasons to last minute taste tests encouraging customers to try new products, innovative and eye-catching POS marketing strategies will not only result in potential increased spends, but also help your business stand out in the competitive world of retail. In this instance, the product at the till point does the talking – and when coupled with some appealing POS materials alerting customers to the offer, you’ll see sales soar.

Designing your store

When it comes to in-store marketing, your strategy will be largely industry-dependent – and will rely heavily on trial and error. A POS display strategy will be different for every industry and you’ll need to find what works best for your store. From gift cards to appealing add-ons, the till point is the opportune place for those last minute purchases.

Size is also a factor when it comes to working on your store’s point of purchase displays. Businesses often fail to implement effective POS displays – which can include materials like FSDUs, dump bins and posters – because they’re short on space at the checkout. So how can you make retail display stands and POS marketing work in your industry?



  • Clothing – it can be difficult to encourage customers to buy another item of clothing as they approach the till point – but this is a great opportunity for add-on sales that the customer might not have considered. If they’re buying shoes, do they need gel insoles? Have they noticed the new perfume you stock? Find the opportunity and use it to encourage those last minute purchases
  • Supermarket – bigger stores naturally have more space for advertising, and from shelf wobblers and window clings to free standing product displays, this encourages customers to see more than just what’s stocked on the shelves

store design

  • Tech – Apple is well known for allowing its customers to try its products in-store. From live demonstrations to hands-on experience testing out products, this gives customers a chance to try before they buy
  • Cosmetics – make up trials are a great way to encourage customers to purchase products. Once they see the items in action, they’re much more likely to go through with the sale

Point of Sale

Whatever your industry, there’s always a chance to up-sell – so find out what works best for your business and incorporate it with impactful point of sale displays.

Targeting the senses



Customers like to handle products before they buy. This allows them to test weight, durability and how the product feels in hand. Where possible, offer demonstrations or product testers. This works particularly well when it comes to tech products


Samples and tasters are often part of supermarkets’ marketing strategies – particularly when a new product launches. This brings attention to the new product and encourages customers to spend money on items they didn’t originally intend to buy


This is less obvious than the other senses and can be difficult to put into practice, but stores like Lush and The Body Shop often encourage foot traffic into their store thanks to the appealing scents of their products


Visual appeal is arguably the easiest and most effective way of encouraging additional spending. Eye-catching aesthetics encourage customers to explore new products and can often lead to additional purchases at the till point. This can be particularly effective in places like supermarkets, where ice cold drinks at the checkout are guaranteed to fly off the shelves on hot summer days


Jingles, songs and even company radio stations can make a store environment more appealing. Customers are unlikely to want to shop in silence – but similarly, too much noise can be off-putting. Find a sound and volume that works for your industry and particular store and you’re likely to bring in more customers.

At shop4pop.com, we can design and print bespoke point of sale materials that are tailored to your store. So whether you’re attempting to increase spend-per-visit with sample products or you want to display at the till add-ons, our fully customisable promotional signage and pop displays can help your business on the path to financial success.

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