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Point of Sale Displays

Point of Sale Displays

A point of sale (POS) display or point of purchase (POP) display is any show material or visual merchandising situated near or around the transactional point of purchase. Whether it’s in retail, at an event or anywhere else where goods are on offer, POS displays can be used to maximise the visibility of promotions and products and, ultimately, boost sales.

In our guide, you’ll find all you need to know about the benefits of using POS displays and the consumer psychology behind their success. As well as helping you select the right point of sale material for your needs, we’ll also give you some handy design tips to ensure your promotions stand out and make an immediate impact.


Why use point of sale displays?

Whether you’re a customer in line at a supermarket or an attendee at a business event, you’re surrounded by products, brands and advertising. With all of these stimuli competing for your attention, it takes something unique, highly visible and appealing to catch your eye.

Effective point of sale advertising can make the difference between dwindling takings and soaring profits. What would it mean to your businesses if every customer spent an extra £1 in-store or at your event stand? What would it mean if every customer spent an extra £5 or £10? The numbers quickly add up, and it doesn’t take long to recognise the potential sales opportunities and resulting financial gains offered by investing in POS display marketing for your business or product.

POS displays tend to be most effective when used to display or promote impulse purchases. These are typically fast-moving consumer goods (FMCGs), and effectively encourage the customer to make an ‘unplanned purchase’ of a low-ticket product. They can also be highly effective when used to display offers or discounts, widening the net to include more expensive items.

How do POS displays compliment your retail merchandising?

In the world of retail, shelf space comes at a premium – and point of sale stands such as free standing display units (FSDUs) and dump bins are ideal for maximising your store’s merchandising potential. Fitting neatly at the ends of aisles, in corners and around queuing systems, POS display stands are ideal for maximising the use of available space on the shop floor – and more products means more revenue, as bulk-buys and impulse purchases are added to every basket.


As well as introducing more shelf space, POS and POP displays can be used to draw attention to your current offering – introducing visual merchandising into the mix. Hanging signs, display cubes, posters and window clings can all be used to attract the attention of passers-by and highlight key promotions and products on offer.

Whether you’re introducing retail display stands into the mix or simply wish to highlight what you’ve already got, the flexibility of point of sale display materials means you can customise and rearrange your merchandise to guarantee maximum impact.

Choosing your POP display

There is a wide variety of POP or POS displays available to choose from – with each option boasting its own unique set of benefits. Whether you want to increase the available space on your sales floor or draw in customers with attractive signage, the selection of retail display stands available, on top of virtually limitless customisation options, means you’re sure to find the perfect solution for your store.

POS Displays together


These versatile shelving units allow you to catch the customer’s eye and expand your shelf space in one go. Perfect for retail hotspots or queuing systems, they’re ideal for putting large amounts of stock in the customer’s line of sight.

Dump bins

Similarly to FSDUs, dump bins take care of your advertising and merchandising in one go. From magazines to sweets, they’re available in a variety of shapes and are perfect for boosting impulse purchases and driving bulk-buys at and around the point of sale.

Hanging signs

From large retail spaces to high shelving, a number of factors can reduce your available wall space. Hanging signs are the perfect way to maximise the impact of your visual merchandising. From helping customers navigate the store by hanging them above product locations to highlighting key offers, hanging signs are an affordable and versatile solution for attracting attention.

Display cubes

These unique displays are visible from all angles when stacked, ensuring you catch the attention of customers wherever they’re looking. They can make an attractive addition to your current merchandising efforts, and are perfect for highlighting seasonal goods and special offers.

Totems and bollards

Typically seen in sale season, totems and bollards can be used to draw customers in from outside. Both decorative and eye catching, they’re an attractive addition to your store front – helping to entice customers into your shop.

Counter top units

Both functional and eye-catching, counter top units and literature stands keep POS areas tidy – allowing you to present printed materials such as leaflets and brochures tidy and within reach. They’re perfect for events and ensure attendees don’t go home empty handed.


Perfectly complementing your counter top units and leaflet holders, custom flyers are ideal for notifying prospective customers of upcoming events and offers.


For creating attractive windows displays and drawing attention from afar, posters are an ideal POP display solution – especially if you have blank wall space at your disposal.

Tent cards

Maximising your advertising space requires a little creativity, and tent cards are ideal if you’re lacking space for larger display materials. Popular with restaurants and bars, they can be placed on tables or at till points to highlight additional offers.

Show cards

If you don’t have the wall space to hang posters or you’re looking for a portable pop-up display, show cards are great for highlighting timely offers. Their compact size and visual appeal make them perfect for placing on tables or till points.

Shelf wobblers

Items on low shelves or tucked away in corners are often neglected, and a lack of shelf space can often leave you with few options when it comes to highlighting every offer in store. Shelf wobblers allow you draw attention to specific products or offers, catching the customer’s eye as they browse your merchandise.

Window clings

Window clings are all about getting people through the door, catching the attention of passers-by. These impactful posters and displays stick to glass windows without adhesive, so they can be repositioned and reused during peak sales periods.

Designing your point of sale display

When it comes to designing your POS display, it all depends on the product you’re promoting and the type of customer you’re targeting. Once you’ve chosen the point of sale material most suited to your needs, it’s time to get creative. Investing time in the design of your visual merchandising can make the difference between your product getting lost in the mix or making customers stop in their tracks.

The psychology of colour

Colour is one of the most important factors to consider when maximising your store’s sales potential. This vibrant stimulus can evoke an entire spectrum of emotional reactions, having a direct impact on consumer behaviour. While our reactions to colours are subjective, and not all customers fit in one box, there are some widely accepted generalisations about colours when it comes to retail marketing and consumer psychology.

Colours have been used in marketing since the dawn of consumerism. Whether it’s to develop brand personality, attract a specific kind of shopper or portray a certain image, understanding the psychology of colour in consumer marketing is essential to powerful POP display design.



Depending on its hue, yellow can be anything from attention-grabbing to calming. Traditionally, it’s used by brands and retailers to uplift and inspire – creating a sense of mental clarity and calm.


This vibrant hue is the ultimate call to action. Commanding and attention-grabbing without being aggressive, it’s the perfect colour choice for inspiring action. Its widespread use in maritime and mountaineering equipment (coastguard boats, tents and life savers) has resulted in an association with adventure and daring – and it’s often used in men’s grooming products to great effect. Whether you’re trying to attract a particular type of shopper or want to force customers into action, this versatile colour can be highly effective when used correctly.


Red signifies urgency, energy and even danger in some cases. There have even been scientific studies which indicate that red can have a physical impact on the consumer, increasing their heart rate – a reaction hardcoded into us through nature, as our minds react to potential danger and our ‘fight or flight’ instincts kick in. This bold, eye catching colour is a mainstay of sales show materials and has been used to great effect by brands and retailers to grab attention and inspire urgency in the purchasing process. Seperately, red can also signify passion and love – something used particularly effectively as February 14th rolls back around.


Traditionally regarded as a feminine colour, pink is used in displays (retail or otherwise) to attract the attention of women – and even rule out unwanted male attention. From razor blades to perfume, the colour pink can be found across an entire spectrum of products aimed at women and, depending on the hue, can hold appeal to different age groups – with vibrant pink aimed at younger women and teenagers, while softer pinks hold a more mature appeal.


The colour purple is one of the most diverse, but marketers typically savour it for special occasions. Closely associated with fantasy, magic, mystique and beauty, the colour purple is frequently seen in the cosmetics world – used to advertise products such as exotic perfumes and miraculous anti-aging creams. However, its applications can extend to anything that’s intended to have a unique or ‘magical’ appeal.


Blue signifies trust and security, which is part of the reason it’s frequently used by major banks – and this may stem from its widespread use in the police force and medical services. Blue is a colour also favoured by pharmacies and other retailers and businesses supplying healthcare products, due to its medicinal associations.


It’s widely believed that green is one of the easiest colours for our eyes and brain to process, with some theories attributing this to its natural origin. Depending on its application, the colour green can signify wealth, health, vitality or the environment. Many brands use it to great effect in their POS displays when promoting natural or environmentally friendly products – attracting shoppers who prioritise things such as organic produce and recyclable packaging.


Despite its lacklustre appearance, the colour grey carries its own subtle appeal – something which has been used to great effect by many of the world’s biggest brands. Typically associated with sleek, cutting edge and tasteful design – grey can work wonders when coupled with the right product.


While black is one of the least popular colours used in retail and visual merchandising, it holds its own unique appeal and can make a bold statement when used effectively. Representing all that is sleek, luxurious and premium, black can be either bold or discreet. Typically used in the packaging of luxury goods, premium alcohols or other adult products, this colour is known to give brands an air of sophistication.

Ready to take your point of purchase display to the next level? Browse shop4pop.com’s wide selection of fully customisable, digitally printed POP displays – ideal for retail, hospitality, events and any other promotional needs. Our high quality and flexible display solutions are guaranteed to make a visual impact and could be exactly what your businesses needs to boost its sales and increase exposure. Simply place an order and design your POS display online – or if you’re unsure about your requirements, get in touch with our in-house experts for advice on the best display solutions for you.

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