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5 Tools for Promoting Sales

5 Tools for Promoting Sales

For a customer, there’s no better feeling than walking away with a really great deal – and that’s why end of season sales are so successful in retail. If something’s seen better days or just nearing its sell-by-date, bargain-buyers will be more than happy to take the item off your hands in exchange for a welcome discount.

Despite a slight loss of profit due to reduced prices, the increase of sales means hefty discounts aren’t just beneficial to your money-saving customers. Price promotions generate interest in your products and can increase footfall into your store – making retail sales a fantastic opportunity to sell off the less popular stock. In today’s post, we’re taking a look at 5 tools retailers can use to promote their special offers and hike up the number of successful transactions – so you can lead your store to sales success.

1. Dress the window

To dramatically increase the number of transactions, you’ll need to direct your attention to persuading customers to enter the store. Stunning window displays may appeal to window-shoppers throughout the year, but with big discounts available inside, it’s time to let your customers know. Let a sale poster in the window do the talking, and entice your customers inside so they can pick up a bargain for themselves.

2. Sale posters for retail

With the culture of Black Friday sales arriving on our shores and mid-season sale rails popping up around the country, there are no longer any rules about when a sale campaign should take place. Whatever the time of year, make sure customers are aware of your sale by displaying sale posters in-store. There’s nothing like the frenzy you’ll generate with both sale posters and signs on products to show the discounted price – and customers won’t be able to resist a bargain when they see just how much they’re saving!

3. Eye-catching quad posters

quad posters

Before overhauling your shop floor, take some time to consider your brand and your target demographic. If you’re a discount store, sale posters for shops will be an ideal marketing tool for your high density merchandising. On the other hand, a high-end store will want to retain that luxury element and use less obvious point of sale display stands. An iconic quad poster that shows off the product might be more suited to higher end retail stores – and although you’re still promoting your stock, you’ll retain a focus on the product rather than its price.

4. Customised FSDUs

As you start to sell your discounted products and replenish your store with newly-arrived lines, finding shelf-space for your promotional goods will prove difficult. To avoid being left with dead stock, exhibit your discounted products on free-standing retail display stands. This way, they’ll be easy to find by thrifty customers, but are distinctly separate from the higher revenue stock. Placing these smaller items on a cardboard customised FSDU is an ideal way to attract attention to the bargain-buys, without the need to compromise on the level of in-store organisation.

5. Branded bargain bins

customised FSDUs

Towards the end of the sale-period, you’ll find yourself with only a limited range of discounted stock left. With these products on the cusp of being labelled ‘dead stock’, it’s time to sell. Double-discount the items and create a bargain-bucket using a cardboard dump bin. This customised POS display will attract even more attention than general sales areas and you’ll end up with some small change for what would otherwise be dead stock.

From making your customers aware of your promotional campaign with retail posters to adjusting the store-layout for easy navigation to the discount rails, selling your sale to the customer is all about advertising and organisation.

It’s time to salvage some profit from your old stock! Get started on promoting your special offers today by taking a look at our high-quality retail display posters. With these cost-effective quads, creating an impact couldn’t be easier.


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