Quad Posters: Merchandising Entertainment Stores
3 Simple Rules for Merchandising Entertainment Stores

3 Simple Rules for Merchandising Entertainment Stores

The development of technology means that the games industry is thriving, and studies show that it’s only set to grow. That’s great news for entertainment stores who, after the revolution of the way we access music and film online, have become increasingly concerned about the future of their industry. The success of the entertainment market makes it one of the most competitive industries – which is why it’s more important than ever that stores are employing the most effective in-store marketing techniques to secure sales success.

The good news is that today, our experts in point of sale displays are exploring the 3 simple rules to follow when merchandising entertainment stores – so you can maximise overall in-store spending. From creating an immersive brand experience to ensuring the design of your store commands the attention of each shopper, we’ll be taking you through the benefits of each approach – as well as providing you with all the actionable takeaways you’ll need for your own store.

1. Create an experience


Online shopping continues to grow in success, but there’s no denying that many consumers still prefer the experience of visiting a brick-and-mortar store. What sets in-store shopping apart from the online world is the opportunity for shoppers to interact with both the products and brand reps – which is why creating an immersive experience in-store is so important.

From investing in multi-sensory technology to encouraging shoppers to try before they buy with playable game demos and headphone testing stations, making a dedicated effort to getting the customer involved will transform your store from the typical retail environment to somewhere that’s both fun and memorable – which can only mean shoppers are more likely to return. On top of this giving the consumer a chance to see the product in action will encourage them to take one home too, so taking the time to interact with your clients will certainly pay off when it comes to profits.

2. Sweeten the deal

Whether it’s a hefty discount or a BOGOF deal, there’s no denying the power that a special offer has over consumers. The feeling of walking away with a good deal will always outweigh a customer’s insistence of not spending their hard earned cash, which is why creating a display that’s promoting a sale is key.

In the entertainment store environment, the sheer amount of different themes that run through the store means that grouping products together couldn’t be easier – providing ample opportunity for offering an irresistible discount. Whether you create the display according to genre, theme or to advertise a box set, a price promotion will always encourage additional in-store spending – so consider advertising deals such as ‘buy three albums by one artist and get a free live DVD’. Pair up your special offer with an eye-catching quad poster to draw in your customers gaze, or make your deal really stand out by dedicating an impactful FSDU to the campaign and position it on the route to the point of sale.

3. Work your quads


We may be accustomed to seeing quad posters outside of cinemas and on public transport, but that’s not to say that these eye-catching advertisements shouldn’t double as decoration in your entertainment store. Bright colours and famous faces on the designs will transform your entertainment store into one of the trendiest hangouts on the highstreet – and the underlying advertising strategy of these attention-commanding visuals means that consumers will be more aware of your products, therefore more likely to buy.

From iconic films to television programmes that have captivated the nation, adorning your walls with quad posters showing off the most memorable prints in cinema is a surefire way to make your entertainment store stand out from the rest. Regardless of whether it’s a new release or the old favourites, working your quads will allow customers to learn all about your product range – and encourage them to make a purchase.

The entertainment market is thriving, which means that competition is fierce between both online and physical stores. Luckily, thanks to these 3 simple rules for in-store merchandising in this market, you can make sure your products and seen – and heard!

So what are you waiting for? Design and order your iconic quad posters online with shop4pop.com, and you’ll soon see your efforts turning into sales.

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