Marketing Chocolate Products: From Free Samples to FSDUs
6 Tasty Tips for Marketing Chocolate Products

6 Tasty Tips for Marketing Chocolate Products

There’s no denying the appeal of chocolate – and with this sweet treat rumoured to boast a range of health benefits, there are more reasons than ever to pick up our favourite bar (or box). From a moment of indulgence to an expression of love, chocolate will always be one of the nation’s favourite gifts – which is fantastic news for retailers looking to target sweet-tooths across the UK in a bid to increase in-store sales.

With so many brands selling chocolate throughout the country – each one offering their own array of delicious flavours – confectionery companies will need to work hard to help their products stand out on crowded store shelves. And this is where the principles of best practice product marketing and merchandising come in.

Today, we’re taking a look at how you can use chocolate to your advantage – and whether you’re a specialist chocolatier or a retailer selling sweet treats among many other products, these tasty tips will help you enjoy your just desserts.

1. Delve into the history of chocolate

With the cocoa bean believed to have been first discovered by the Mayans, chocolate certainly plays a rich part in the history of mankind – and reminding your customers about chocolate’s fascinating heritage could give your products an edge over those of your competitors. Originally consumed as a liquid made from crushed cocoa beans, chilli peppers and water, Mayan chocolate was thought of so highly that it became a ritual beverage during weddings and religious ceremonies. Known as the ‘food of the gods’, the Mayans believed that chocolate played a role in creation, with their story of creation featuring the cacao tree.

The religious importance that Mayans placed on chocolate is a tradition that can and should be carried through to the modern day. Celebrate the history of the ancients by highlighting the ‘divine indulgence’ that comes with your chocolates. Not only will this add a sense of luxury to your products, but consumers will also love learning about ancient traditions as they indulge in the sweet treat.

2. Get personal with your products


Chocolate is one of the world’s most popular gift ideas, and marketing your product to suit recipients can have a dramatic impact on sales. Utilising in-store signs provides a simple, cost-effective solution to demonstrating what wonderful presents your products could make, while customisation options give shoppers an extra incentive to pick your product over another. When it comes to giving a gift, it’s all about going the extra mile – so allow customers to make their own mark by investing in chocolate products that can be personalised with the recipient in mind.

3. Appeal to their ethical side

With more and more shoppers choosing to spend their disposable income on brands that have adopted sustainable and fair trade practices, retailers are recognising the importance of ethical marketing. Appealing to a customer’s ethical side is an effective way of building a strong and memorable brand identity, as well as developing a relationship with your customer base that is built on trust – meaning it pays to work exclusively with fair trade suppliers.

Should wholesale costs make a fair trade supplier impractical, pledging a percentage of the profits to a local charity can have a similarly powerful impact on how your brand is perceived. Highlighting that your chocolate is associated with a charitable organisation will instantly set your products apart from those of your competitors – so make your brand the best of the bunch by investing in in-store product merchandising solutions, such as an eye-catching shelf wobbler.

4. Tap into the impulse effect

For retailers, appealing to the impulse buyer is one of the simplest and most effective ways of boosting sales. Whether they only intended on browsing or they’re already approaching the checkout, it’s easy to entice shoppers to add a little something extra to their basket. Walking the customer journey is vital in terms of allowing you to see your store through the eyes of the customer – and this way, you’ll be able to see exactly where retail display stands can have maximum impact. Fill dump bins on the route to the point of sale with promotionally-priced chocolate bars, and position an impactful FSDU at the till point to encourage last-minute additions as the shopper prepares to make their payment.

5. Show off with samples


Everyone loves a free gift – especially when it comes in the form of chocolate. The ‘try before you buy’ tactic won’t always pay off, but showing off with samples in customisable dump bins will encourage some shoppers to choose your brand over your competitors – meaning you’ll be able to boost sales and build a sense of brand loyalty in the process. Give potential customers a taste of all that your brand has to offer, and everything from the flavours to the concept of getting something for nothing will stick in the minds of shoppers – allowing you to secure sales at a later date.

6. Increase accessibility of premium products

Gone are the days when premium chocolate products were confined to high-end stores. In most retail environments, the more luxurious brands are just as accessible as everyday brands – so whether you’re a specialist chocolatier or a more diverse retail store, make sure that you’re stocking premium chocolate products. With these pricier items often promising a greater profit margin, positioning your brand as a provider of luxury products could persuade shoppers to choose the -high-end option.

While increased accessibility is important, your store’s target demographic will affect product placement. Persuading customers to pick up additional products on their way to the point of purchase is more effective when done with low-cost products, so don’t ask your customers to spend too much on impulse – and reserve appropriate aisle space for more luxurious items.

From incorporating unique selling points into your branding to lining the optimal store layout with high quality FSDUs, it couldn’t be easier to make the most out of your chocolate products.

Are you ready to see sales on your store’s sweet treats skyrocket? A strategically placed retail display unit should get you off to a great start, and you can customise your own eye-catching dump bin online today. When you’re happy with your design, simply place your order with and let us handle the rest!

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