Making your event or exhibition space matter |
Making your event or exhibition space matter

Making your event or exhibition space matter

No matter what your budget you want your exhibition or event space to create a wow factor. After all, your stand at an exhibition basically acts as a shop window and thus needs to create a strong first impression to drive traffic. Creating the ‘wow’ factor doesn’t always mean bigger is better, people often get carried away with the idea that size is better than focus – small inexpensive stands can work well too! Here are a few ideas for professional branded displays; these items collectively will cost you no more than £250 – bargain!

  1. Be Accessible

The stereotypical small exhibition stand would usually include a small table as part of your package; this is usually provided by the company who is hosting the exhibition (although this isn’t always the case, it’s always best to check with the exhibitor first).  However, sometimes tables can be restrictive in terms of space and also act as a barrier between yourself and your customer.  If you’re looking for an inexpensive branded way to display your products, an FSDU would do the trick; FSDUs look very professional and can be branded to suit your company requirements. You can personally stand to the side of the FSDU unit and greet your potential customers rather than from behind a table, this is particularly useful if you’re trying to do some data capture or a demonstration with an iPad or tablet. This allows your table to be used as a transaction point (if you’re selling at the event) or alternatively you can use it to hold collateral such as flyers, brochures or vouchers.

  1. Be Memorable

It’s key to keep the space as branded as possible, so people will remember your brand after the event. It’s therefore advisable to use a brochure holder and/or tent card on the table, so that you can showcase your logo, brand colours and sales messaging right in the customer’s eye line whilst adding some character to your previously plain table space. These products can also double up as counter top displays after the event  – win win! Our advice would be to ideally keep table space to a minimum, the size will be dependent on the product you are showcasing and the amount of collateral you are handing out. If each member of staff has an FSDU full of different products plus an iPad in hand, it provides a much more engaging and interactive way to chat to your potential customers rather than over a table. It also makes you seem much more approachable to your potential customers.

2 Shelf FSDU

  1. Be Generous

We’d also advise that you give away samples on the day of the exhibition, sometimes this can be a daunting prospects for small businesses, as there’s no guarantee you’re going to see a return on your investment, however keep in mind that this is the same with the majority of promotional and marketing activities. Giving out free samples shows you’re a generous company and that you’re highly confident in your product, best of all it provides brand awareness and gets your name out there! The key is to be thoughtful about how you do it and give away a limited quantity, as this promotional tool is mainly about brand awareness make sure everything is branded (might sound like we’re stating the obvious and repeating ourselves but this really is important). The best way to go about this is popping all your samples into a branded Dump Bin; it not only looks professional but saves you storing everything under your table or in boxes behind your display. Try and keep the Dump Bin manned at all times, that way you can talk to each customer interested in a sample and explain some of the key benefits of your product rather than it being a free for all. Our square Dump Bins can also be branded to suit your company requirements, use one of our customisable premade designs or alternatively upload your own artwork.

Square Dump Bin


  1. Be Attractive

Display Totem can be used to grab the attention of the passing traffic; it can include your name logo and strapline or a specific promotional offer. It can also be useful to direct customers to your event stand, try placing it several metres away from your stand with a directional arrow. For example ‘ Free in-store advertising advice at stand 74’ this statement coupled with a logo and a directional arrow will make the attendees aware of your presence and what you have to offer.  If however, you want to reuse the totem in your store or reception area after the event, it’s best to keep your messaging generic.


Display Totem

The big question… How much will all of this cost me?

So, for 2 FSDUs (2 shelf), 1 Dump Bin, 1 Tent Card, 4 Brochure Holders and 1 Display Totem, the cost would be just under £238! Plus, all these materials can be flat packed and re-used as and when required. Proof that exhibiting is about having great ambitions and ideas, not huge budgets.


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