Literature Stands: Making an Impact at Events |
Literature Stands: Making an Impact at Events and Exhibitions

Literature Stands: Making an Impact at Events and Exhibitions

From boosting sales to building a sense of brand loyalty in the minds of consumers, interacting with attendees at events and exhibitions means you can raise awareness about your brand – as well as potentially securing a sale in the future. Whether it’s an experiential marketing event on the bustling high street or you’re taking your brand to a busy trade fair, ensuring that passers-by take home your key marketing messages is what will determine the success of your campaign.

With events and exhibitions attracting audiences from far and wide, making sure that your brand stands out is crucial. Iconic visuals and immersive displays will encourage passing trade to stop and take a closer look, but it’s offering attendees literature that they can take away with them which will ensure that your brand is remembered by potential consumers at the end of the day. A well organised exhibition stand goes hand-in-hand with a seamless and smooth-running event, which is why today, we’re taking a closer look at how a customisable cardboard counter display can be used beyond retail to help you maximise the impact of your brand at an event.

Make your name memorable

Networking with potential clients face-to-face is the most fundamental aspect to hosting at an event or exhibition space, which means it’s vital that brand ambassadors are selling the brand identity – as well as your products. Filling a countertop unit with professionally printed business cards will mean that each attendee can take home your brand name, making your business easy to remember by consumers in the future. Customising the design of the literature stand with your logo and colours will make your business’ branding even more memorable, increasing the sense of brand loyalty and encouraging customers to prioritise your business over competitors.

Show off your special offers


From promoting event-only deals to showing off your seasonal special offers, printed literature will always lead the way when it comes to low-cost advertising techniques. From stocking a cardboard display box full with leaflets to directing attendees straight to your stand by distributing flyers near the exhibition entrance, encouraging consumers to take full advantage of your limited-time offers will drive sales – and therefore brand loyalty – by appealing to avid bargain hunters and impulse buyers.

Promote your products and services

Space will most likely be limited when it comes to setting up an exhibition stand, which is why exhibitors dedicate so much of their time to carefully selecting their products for display. While countertop units can boost sales by ensuring that small footprint products are placed directly in the consumer’s eyeline, filling a literature stand with your latest brochure means attendees can peruse your products at their own convenience – making it easy for attendees to place an order even after the event.

Are you looking to secure success at your upcoming marketing event? Ensuring that your stand is well stocked with printed literature means attendees can take home your key marketing messages, making it even easier to ensure that your brand stands out in the minds of potential clients.

At, our extensive range of high quality cardboard display boxes mean that there’s guaranteed to be a countertop unit to meet your needs. Browse our collection of customisable designs, and when you’re ready, place your order online. We’ll deliver your easy to assemble literature stands straight to your door – so you can start planning your next event today!

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