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Let’s Talk About Shelf Talkers

Let’s Talk About Shelf Talkers

Even the savviest shoppers have been in a store and struggled to decide which products to add to their basket. With so many different brands available, it can be hard to know which is the best choice – meaning many consumers could do with a little extra help from retailers during the decision-making process. Sales advisors may be on-hand for product information and advice, but how are stores using retail signage to influence buying behaviour?

In today’s post, we’re taking a look at how you can give your in-store sales a boost through the implementation of low-cost shelf wobblers. So, whether you’re looking to shift some stock from your shelves or conducting an exclusive product promotion, we’re exploring how display materials like the humble shelf talker can help you to communicate effectively with your customers.

Promote the price

With aisles stocked full with products, it can be hard for a customer to know where to focus their attention. With fierce competition between big brands and their brightly coloured labels, more and more retailers are having to direct the customer’s eye towards specific ‘stand-out’ products – and where better to draw their attention than to your competitive price points?

In the world of retail, aesthetics play a major part in influencing what shoppers buy. Attractive artwork and easy-to-read prices on shelf labels can make all the difference to how much a customer puts in their shopping basket, and you can encourage further in-store spending by making these display materials work for you.

Show off your special offers


There’s no denying the power of a limited-time-only product promotion, but it’s important to remember that an offer is only truly effective when based on a powerful strategy. Customers will struggle to resist a special offer, but if they’re unaware of the discount on offer, your efforts could be wasted.

It’s important to broadcast any temporary price drops or multi-buy offers with iconic hanging signs and eye-catching window clings, but drawing attention to the products themselves is an absolute must. Whether you’re offering a limited time offer or a permanent discount for loyal customers, flexible and bright shelf wobblers are sure to command the attention that your products deserve.

Add some extra information

In the competitive world of retail, businesses are seeking new ways to stand out from the crowd. With many companies redefining their brand voice to appear more approachable and friendly, the role of the shelf wobbler is changing. In a shift away from focusing on commercial information, shelf talkers are being used as a way to give customers extra insight on a product’s background.

From discussing where the product was made to highlighting any other items it might complement, you can transform any shelf edge into a hub of product information in the hopes that consumers will add more to their baskets!

Are you ready to make your aisles irresistible? Guarantee that your products stand out with our range of high-quality shelf talkers.

Choose your own artwork or customise one of our pre-made designs – the choice is yours. The hard-wearing PVC material makes the shelf talker a fantastic choice for any retail environment, and you can order yours online today!

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