Is it the End for High Street Stores? |
Is it the End for High Street Stores?

Is it the End for High Street Stores?

At, we recently ran a survey to find out what would improve Brits’ shopping experiences. The possible responses ranged from wanting to see more checkouts to a call for more flexible returns policies. Following this new data and high street stores like BHS hitting the headlines, we’re asking whether the end is nigh for Britain’s high street.

Checking out is becoming a chore


Our survey revealed that almost 40% of Brits want to see more checkouts on the high street, while a quarter of respondents called for more available staff. But following the demise of high street giant BHS, is there another reason for the recent decline in high street sales?

Some of Britain’s biggest retailers revealed a loss in revenue in December 2015, compared to Christmas the previous year – with online shopping thought to have had a detrimental impact on the UK’s high street stores. Sales didn’t hot up in April, either – as The Telegraph revealed the unwelcome weather was keeping customers away from high street stores.

Time and transparency


The survey raised other concerns, too, with confusing product pricing coming under fire. Brits said more transparency when it came to product costs would improve their shopping experience. Limited opening hours are also causing the high street to lose appeal in many Brits’ minds. While the government had planned on extending Sunday opening hours, MPs rejected the motion – forcing stores to stick to the rigid six hours trading.

So, are restricted opening hours to blame for a decline in high street sales? Or do today’s shoppers prefer to take their search online? Understanding customer behaviour is an increasingly important part of success in retail – and bridging the gap between the online and high street shopping experiences will help to keep loyal, returning customers on Britain’s high streets.

Do you think it’s the end for high street stores? What would improve your high street shopping experience? Leave your comments below!

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