How To Increase Footfall via Shop Window |
How to increase your store footfall using your shop window

How to increase your store footfall using your shop window

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, your shop window is your most valuable piece of in-store advertising space. If this space is used effectively it can increase footfall which consequently leads to a rise in potential customers and thus a rise in sales. Your shop window should scream professionalism as well as making a statement.  After all, 50% of purchasing decisions are made impulsively, as a small retailer you should be capitalising on this figure and using any advertising space to its full potential.

1. Stop, think and plan

The first rule is to plan. It can be easy to get carried away, popping an assortment of mannequins, Window Clings and products into your window space but first stop and think about what you want to achieve. What is your brand proposition? Are you quality driven or price driven?  What are your best-sellers and main USP’s?  Is there a particular theme you want to follow? These should all influence the look and feel of your window space, in simple terms your exterior should reflect your brand. For example if you offer a product or service that is fiercely price competitive, it may be an idea to purchase a couple of Window Clings highlighting some specific offers and prices. If you’re a luxury high-end independent retailer, you may prefer to use Window Clings as graphics to add colour and life to your window space rather than highlighting offers.



2. Change is effective

Secondly, remember that change is good, changing your window display frequently keeps things fresh and exciting. We would recommend changing your window space at least 6 times throughout the year. It’s always best to sit down and plan this in advance so you have enough time to source any materials you may require and also set a theme for each window change. If you don’t launch new products or offers very often, why not take advantage of some important calendar dates. Anything from Easter to Halloween, Mother’s Day or Christmas provide an ideal excuse to get creative.  Remember, if you choose to go with a theme based around a specific calendar date, this theme should also be replicated in-store with the relevant POS print.

3.  Time is money

As it’s advisable to change your window space regularly, it’s best to keep the space as low maintenance as possible, maintenance means time and time means money. Keep the design simple and interchangeable, you want the space to be easily accessible for when you want to change or move things around. Try not to over clutter the space, it can be appealing for the passing trade to still be able to see inside.

4. Keep in mind…

It’s sometimes worth hiring a graphic designer to produce the artwork for your printed materials dependent upon how extensive your requirements are. If you go down this route be sure to provide them with specific brand guidelines and direction. If you only have a small budget, don’t worry, you can always use one of our online designs! We have over 500 customisable designs that you can add your logo, text and brand colours to!

Remember, getting traffic through the door is just the first step, you must also ensure your inside space is branded and merchandised appropriately – 86% of customers will pay more for an improved shopping experience. So, your in-store advertising must be on point as well as our customer service!






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