How to increase your sales leads at events and exhibitions |
How to increase your sales leads at events and exhibitions

How to increase your sales leads at events and exhibitions

Events and exhibitions are a great way of generating sales leads amongst your target audience, with increasing competition across all market sectors, exhibitors are now required to create more compelling and engaging spaces in order to secure the attention of their audience. Turning up with a table cloth, handful of business cards and a batch of flyers no longer cuts the mustard, exhibitors must do their planning and research in order to get the best possible ROI from their attendance.

Effective research and planning

To avoid any embarrassment find out who else is exhibiting, having a stand directly opposite one of your main competitors can be a recipe for disaster. If possible, ensure your space is around businesses that complement your offering rather than compete with it.

Who’s attending the event? Ideally you should have a list of targets you would like to speak to, do some research on the person, their position and the company, Linkedin is ideal for putting a face to a name.

There will be several opportunities to get your brand noticed before the exhibition. Contact the event organisers to secure editorial coverage in any of their promotional materials from email campaigns to show magazines. During the run up to the event post about your attendance on all social media platforms whilst trying to engage with fellow exhibitors and attendees.

Data Capture

Prior to the event make sure you have a tried and tested data capture process in place. It’s worth arming your representatives with an iPad so they can capture the names and email addresses of those who visit your event stand. It’s also a good idea to make a brief note of what you discussed with each person so you can personalise your follow-up letter or email but remember timing is everything so don’t leave it too late before sending out your mailer!

A compelling event space

You don’t have to blow all your marketing budget on your event stand but you do need to ensure it looks both on-brand and engaging in order to attract visitors. It’s advisable to tailor your messages and content to your audience, which could mean ordering new displays for each of the different events you attend. It may therefore be in your interests to purchase affordable printed products such as Display Totems, Display Cubes and Dump Bins all of which can be re-used but won’t break the bank if only used on a handful of occasions.

To make your stand more approachable try giving away free goody bags or sweets, hosting a game or competition is a great icebreaker and demonstrates you’re a fun and interactive brand whilst providing your visitors with a memorable experience.

Have you got any tips on how to make the most of sales opportunities at events and exhibitions? We would love to hear the, please feel free to share by commenting below.


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