In-store signage & your employees |
In-store signage &  your employees

In-store signage & your employees

We’ve discussed the positive impact in-store marketing has on customers and their overall shopping experience but there is actually another audience who benefit from in-store signage. An audience you perhaps never considered – your employees.

I’m sure many of you are familiar with the Starbucks banner that’s always  present behind their till point. It usually includes the standard menu whilst highlighting one or two specific offers or seasonal beverages. Of course, such in-store signage is used to influence customer behaviour but employees also see this everyday of the week and thus know the focus product of the current marketing campaign.

Starbucks have carried out specific research with customer focus groups, who have stated that they reply upon the opinions of the barista behind the counter opposed to marketing signage when making their beverage purchase decision.  Starbucks have also found that their employees notice and read their brochures just as much as their customers, whether this be out of company adoration or boredom, who knows. What we do know is baristas are directly influencing the customer purchasing decision and are engaging with the printed marketing materials just as much as their customers .

Okay, this is all well and good for Starbucks but what can your small business takeaway from this?  Well yes, in-store marketing will always be predominantly focused towards influencing the customer but it’s also great for keeping yourself and your employees focused. Highlighting specific offers and new lines reminds your employees what they are supposed to be pushing. Merchandising and branding your shop appropriately also helps remind your employees what your brand stands for.  After all, your employees are your brand ambassadors, the more knowledge and passion they have for your brand, the more they are able to influence the customer.

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