How In-Store Marketing Can Improve Sales |
How in-store marketing can help you increase your sales

How in-store marketing can help you increase your sales

If you’re a small retailer, your lifeblood is sales. We’re sure many of you are getting the word out about your goods and services via multiple channels, through social media, magazine advertising and perhaps email marketing. However with over 70% off all purchase decisions being made in-store, are you doing enough in-store marketing? After all, you’ve worked hard to drive customers into your store, the last thing you want to do is lose potential sales through a poor shopper experience and that’s where Point Of Purchase advertising can help!

So what is Point Of Purchase advertising?

POP refers to any printed marketing materials that retailers display around their premises in order to promote specific products, ranges and events.

Why is it so important?

Well, for a start, more than 1 in 6 purchases are made when a display is present in store. POP advertising draws attention to your items, by creating the impression that one particular item is more important than another; an effective way of highlighting stock that perhaps isn’t shifting or to draw attention to sale or promotional items securing impulse purchases. As a customer, there’s nothing worse than not being able to work out which products are in the 20% off deal or the 3 for 2 deal whilst scouring the shelves, after a few seconds of debate and confusion, you’re likely to lose the customer (especially speed orientated shoppers – the number of which are increasing due to busier lifestyles and longer working hours). A FSDU or Dump Bin containing all the products on offer would avoid such a scenario.

2 Shelf FSDU               Hexagonal Dump Bin

Even if you have a significantly small store, you want to make your customer journey as comfortable and informative as possible, through improving your in-store marketing and enhancing your customers shopping journey, you’re likely to increase engagement with your shoppers and ultimately secure more sales. allows you to kit out your retail business, pop-up shop, exhibition or event with customisable in-store POP, including: Posters, Leaflets, Window Clings, Display Totems, Free Standing Display Units (FSDU), Dump Bins and Stackable Cubes, meaning you can make the most of your in-store sales opportunities. Better still, you can upload your very own artwork or alternatively choose from a large selection of fully customisable online templates and receive your finished product within the next 5 working days (we even offer a FREE delivery service with every order).

How do we differ from other print companies?

As there’s no design costs, meetings and thus no admin fees, our web-to-print service is quicker and up to 80% cheaper than traditional print, making it accessible to all budgets. There’s also no minimum order quantity meaning you can print from one copy upwards, again making it an affordable solution for all business sizes without compromising on quality.

Most importantly of all (and most reassuringly for you, the customer) is part of the long established Simpson Group large format printing company. With over 40 years of experience, we are now bringing our expertise in creating successful printed advertising displays for large brands to smaller businesses like yours. Want to improve your in-store marketing? Check out our full range of products HERE.

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