How to improve your customers' shopping experience |
How to improve your customers’ shopping experience

How to improve your customers’ shopping experience

With 86% of customers willing to pay more for an improved in-store experience, there’s a real opportunity for retailers of all sizes to make the path-to-purchase a more positive one.

  1. Bridge the online and offline experience: Retailers run a real risk of widening the gap between their in-store shopping experience and their online shopping experience. This gap can impact performance in both locations as shoppers can become confused and disloyal due to these conflicting brand experiences. Ensure the shopping experience is easy, enjoyable and efficient across all channels.
  1. Analyse the in-store experience: Pay close attention to how your customers move around your store, do they pick up the first item they see? Is there a particular section of your store people are drawn towards? Do your customers usually take a particular route around your store? This analysis can help you when it comes to changing your store layout and displaying your POS and bestsellers.
  1. Reduce abandonment: We often pay close attention to where visitors abandon their purchase online and tend to optimise such pages to reduce this rate of abandonment. Have you ever paid attention to where people abandon their purchase within store? The hotspots for abandonment tend to be the fitting areas and till points. In order to reduce such abandonment ensure you have enough staff providing top service especially at peak times, efficient till points and effective POS signage.
  1. Generate loyalty: Ensure you’re creating loyalty both online and offline, send both your prospects and customers promotional codes they can use in-store as well as online. There’s nothing more frustrating then receiving a code that’s only valid online, when you would quite like to visit the store in person. Remember,  shopping is now a social experience and despite the surge in online shopping  99% of shoppers still go in-store.
  1. Shake things up: Variation is essential when looking to optimise your retail space. As well as introducing new product lines,  you should also consider introducing new displays and layouts every so often. Try stacking some of you products on a customisable FSDU or use a bespoke Dump Bin to promote promotional items. After all, over 20% of customers are triggered to make a purchase due to a display! Such POS items create the impression that these products are more important than all the others on the shelves. Better still, these units are movable and cost effective meaning you can keep things fresh without breaking the bank. Check out our range of products HERE.

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